Being healthy is not only important but also detrimental if we want to live a happy and stress free life. Good nutrition, regular physical activity and a clean environment is the key to a good and disease free life. However, it is not always possible to have all three factors. Most of us have demanding jobs that require long hours, highly stressful commuting options and a pollution filled environment. In such a fast paced life there’s little time to stop and pay attention to the nutrition we are providing our bodies with. As a result our health suffer and we often end up falling prey to a number of health problems.

A sugar substitute is one of the many health products we can include into our diet to remain healthy. Good nutrition comprises of loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, some amount of dairy products and certain essential fats. As you can see it is a long list of things we need to consume everyday and it is not only difficult to but also impractical. We need to pay attention to what we put into our body but our busy schedules often make this hard to do. Health supplements, sugar substitutes and diet food items are a good alternative in such a situation. Good sugar substitutes can be used instead of sugar in many places like in beverages and deserts. They allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without pilling on the extra calories. Slim milk and slim yogurt is another healthy option when compared to full cream milk. It has lesser calories, is healthier and tastes just as good. Many food companies like American Garden and Kraft have come out with low fat mayonnaise, low fat salad dressing and low fat cheese. These products are low on the fat content and high on nutritional value and form good substitutes to their full fat alternatives. Digestive biscuits and multigrain biscuits add more roughage to your system, which aids the digestive system. Whole wheat and multi grain bread is not only tastier but also better for your body. When eating meat you should opt for chicken without the skin, as the skin has no nutrients and just empty calories. Refraining from consuming red meat on a regular basis is good as red meat is high on fat and can cause cholesterol and obesity problems. Baking or pan-frying food is better option than deep-frying as deep-frying causes the food to soak up a lot of oil that is not required by the body. Brown rice should be eaten instead of white polished rice as polishing of rice removes all its nutrients. When going for desert we should opt for those made with sugar substitutes or with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains more antioxidants and nutrients that have a number of health benefits. With the help of these products and habits we can live a healthier life without any drastic change in lifestyle.

Hexagon’s Kal Tame is the perfect option for people who cannot do without their morning tea or coffee. This sugar substitute is made from sucrose, which is a by-product of sugar. It is a natural substitute and has no proven side effects. It tastes just as sweet as sugar and can even be used to cook sweet dishes. Like these there are a number of other healthier options you can include into your daily diet to ensure you never have any health problems.

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