Gary Neuman's book, "The Truth About Cheating", shows that one in three men will likely cheat. The wives of these unfaithful husbands almost certainly won't find out too. The author interviewed hundreds of men, both faithful and unfaithful, throughout writing the book. During this process, he discovered very fascinating information.

Mr Neuman has been working hard as a marriage counseling expert for years and his work gave him the motivation to write the book. He's been involved with aiding children of divorcees. The ultimate way to help these children, Gary feels, is to prevent their parents from splitting up in the first place.

The book is focused on empowering women, the writer asserts. It also aims to provide answers to the question: why do men cheat? The issue is not really about sex as most of the men Gary interviewed insist. Frequently, the issue is about unmet emotional needs. Many of us live busy and stress filled lives. It can be surprisingly easy to get emotionally detached. For that reason, the couples cease to make the time to show appreciation for their partners.

Guys are emotional creatures too, Gary shows. Men are, actually, vulnerable within even if they appear strong externally. Men constantly want to feel appreciated. Men will look elsewhere as long as they can't gratify their emotional needs at home.

The concept that men love to win is a vital concept that women have to understand. This concept is demonstrated when men watch sports. They will watch so long as their team is winning. However, if their team starts to lose, the TV will be turned off. Oftentimes, it can be hard for women to show their affection for men who will not do their part. But it can help men emotionally if they believe that they are winning when they do things for their spouses.

One more interesting discovery that the author reports is that husbands don't necessarily look for another woman who is more physically appealing than their wives. Feeling an emotional connection with the other woman is typically what leads to cheating. With that said, being unfaithful will never be excused. If you are a woman and you would like to save your relationship, looking after your husband's emotional needs can help. Showing a little bit of appreciation can go a long way in solving marital issues. The amazing thing is the fact that when we show appreciation, we also get the same thing in return. The more praise we give our partners for the favors that they do for us, the better the marriage becomes. Showing appreciation may be a powerful initial step in saving a marriage.

Making the marriage stronger should be the couple's focus above all else. It isn't really about preventing divorce. Really, it's about making your partnership stronger.

It’s really a lot preferable to concentrate on the good rather than the bad. So you wish to avoid separation and divorce. Stop thinking about separation and divorce then. Rather than the undesirable (separation and divorce) you have to contemplate a happy spousal relationship instead. It’s really a very simple change in mindset while nonetheless aiming for precisely the same thing essentially. You are going to feel much better when you’re fighting to win rather than fighting to not lose.

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