A patient who is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes would be expected to. We cannot prevent type 1 diabetes, but we can manage it through exercises, a healthy diet, and medication. Out of the patients who have diabetes, 10% have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. There is a supplement which is Sugar Balance that regulates sugar metabolism and treats diabetes by addressing severe medical conditions.

What is type 1 diabetes?
Diabetes is a situation that prevents the body from producing adequate insulin to maintain blood glucose levels. The blood needs glucose, but keep in mind that high levels of this can obliterate the body.
In the body, there are beta cells located in the pancreases. They trigger the production of insulin in the body. At times, the body fights its cells, particularly those that make produce insulin. This leads to a condition known as type 1 diabetes. This condition prevents the body form generating insulin.

When does this condition occur?
This condition is common in childhood. It affects children between the ages of 7-12 years. It also affects any age, from babies to older people.

What are the symptoms of type 1 diabetes?
 Weight loss
 Thirst
 Fatigue
 Passing more urine
 Moody
 Vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain
 Low concentration
 Skin infections
 Excessive hunger

Diagnosis and treatment
The diagnosis of this condition is done through a blood test. This is a common condition in r society currently. Do not scare if you test positive because you can always manage it. First, control your blood glucose levels using insulin. It is also vital that you watch your diet as well as undertake physical fitness.

Is type 1 diabetes hereditary?
This condition may run in the blood, especially if you have someone in the family who has diabetes. Keep in mind that it also affects people who have no history of this condition in their family.

Can I lead a healthy and active life after type 1 diabetes diagnosis?
Back in the 80s, people were afraid of HIV/Aids. Many people thought that it is the end of their lives after contacting this disease, but that is not the case. Today people have learned to live positively with the virus. The same applies to diabetes. You can manage the disease and live long, actively, and healthily. Did you know that many people with type 1 diabetes history have found success in professional arts, sports as well as arts?

As a patient, how do you think about type 1 diabetes?
At first, people panic and go through strong grief when they test positive for this condition. But that is not all; many people also experience some sense of happiness.
After several tests have been conducted on you, now you will breathe a sigh of relief. It is because you have learned that you have the disease. Even though diabetes diagnosis is shocker news, you finally know the truth.
Some people may decide to end their lives based on the fact that any people that diabetes is a dangerous illness. Many other people feel angry, disappointed, sad, and frustrated. All is not lost; there are many factors you can do to manage your condition.

- Talk to your friends, relatives, and family, and let them know your condition.
- Consult with your health practitioner to help you with professional advice.
- Start doing some exercises from time to time.
- Now it is time to do a lot of things that will make you happy. Make other people happy, and you will realize that you are moving towards a positive frame.
- Make good use of any support that you receive.

Points to note
 Do a lot of research regarding how to manage this condition
 You will always stay positive with your type 1 diabetes.
Living with diabetes is a lifelong story. Approach the lessons systematically, knowing that you are not alone. There are many people out there suffering from the same. Make your health professional team your friends. They include dietitians, specialist diabetes doctors, nurses, and GP, to mention but a few.

How to live with type 1 diabetes
Living with this condition is not easy; hence it's normal for patients to feel sad and angry. Regardless of how you think, it is crucial to know how to live positively, as discussed below:

Cope with the disease
 Always ask for help from counselors, doctors, and friends, especially those who are ready to listen to you.
 Minimize stress as too much of t increases your blood sugar levels.

Watch your diet: Eat healthily
 Take foods rich in fiber such as bread, pasta, grain cereals, and rice.
 Get a diabetes diet plan form your dietician
 Reduce calories, sugar, trans fat, and saturated fat intake.
 Drink a lot of water instead of sodas and juice
 Take a lot of vegetables and fruits

Stay active
 Do a lot of exercises and achieve a healthy weight
 Make yourself active for the rest of the week
 Boost your muscle strength by doing exercises at least twice a week.

What should a type 1 diabetes patient do?
- Do not smoke
- Take your treatment as instructed by your doctor even after you feel good.
- Brush your teeth every day to achieve healthy teeth and gum
- Check your body well and consult with the doctor always to ensure that everything is okay.

What to discuss with your health team?
 Take advantage of all the tips discussed above to improve your health
 Request for a healthy meal plan
 Confirm when and how to confirm your blood sugar as well as how to manage the disease from the results.

Type 1 diabetes patient is expected to get a routine check to stay healthy.

You should visit your doctor at least twice a year. This helps in the identification of any arising problems as well a handle them in time. The following should take place during your visit to the doctor:
- Weight check
- Blood pressure check
- Foot check
- Review your results
It is also valuable to carry out a cholesterol check, dental exam as well as flu shot.

Type 1 disease is not the end of your life. It is evident that we can manage this condition and enjoy the rest of our lives. Make yourself active, do a lot of exercises, take your medication as directed, and reduce stress. A patient who is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes would be expected to do all the aspects mentioned above. To keep your sugar level at a normal stage you should read Sugar Balance Review.

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