Nowadays there have been a lot of issues about the healthcare in the USA. We all know that people need a very good program for health care and hopefully it was given by the President. What we do not know is that there is a set program within us that can help us realize the inner energy that we have that we can use to heal other people. We have to understand that we have our own health care within us and it is just a matter of utilizing it and knowing how it works. This is where the Yuen Method can really help.

People want to study the art of the Yuen Method because it plainly helps. People may undergo certification that would help you become a person who is capable of healing people through the Yuen Method. There are usually 3 levels before you can apply for internship and this is a good opportunity for people to discover our power within.

To become a Yuen Method certified practitioner students must complete levels 1 - 3 and review levels 1 - 3. You must take level 1 prior to taking levels 2 & 3. Once you have taken your first level 1 class, levels 2 & 3 may be taken in any order. Once you have completed a level as a first time student you may review that level at any time. You do not have to complete levels 1 - 3 before you can review them. Once you have completed any level as a first time student, you may review that class at any time. You must take levels 1 - 3 as first time students before you can attend as a returning student. Class fees are $600 and $400 for reviews or $500 pre-registered for each level and $300 pre-registered for reviews. Pre- registration is 10 days prior to the class not including the day of the class. Walk ins pay full price.

Students who plan to attend certification must complete 3 internships; one of these must be a level 1 class. You must be 6 classes complete prior to internship. You must have completed level 1 - 3 & reviewed levels 1 - 3. This is a good advantage for people who seek healing within.

Once you have completed your 6 classes and 3 internships and a certification class is announced, you may then send in your application with a letter introducing yourself and why you would like to be certified along with your 100 hour journal of corrections. Journals must be legible please or they will be returned. You have to keep in mind that this journal is important for you to be able to get the opportunity for internship. The Yuen Method is a sacred process that people should be willing to learn and study it before they are allowed to become a practitioner.

We can see that it may take money for you to be able to get certified but the food thing about it is that it is well worth it. This power to heal and the ability to have wellness correction is key and vital for this process to work and having this capability will lead you to help a lot of people around you. For more information please visit

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Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, Grandmaster of Kung-Fu, Colonel in the International Police Force and founder of the Yuen Method of Healing, developed this revolutionary new type of healing by combining practical military experience, Chinese Medicine, psychiatry methods and kung fu. Classes in Energetic Healing are free for a limited time to anyone who wants to change the way they feal, eliminate headaches, deal better with stress, and eliminate pain.