If you are wondering why there is still no known real cure for herpes even now, there is one reason for that. This has always been the case, although other illnesses - more severe, more seemingly hopeless - now have cures, thanks to the efforts made by these companies in the last two centuries or so. In the past, pneumonia was a decisive killer, claiming a lot of lives in one fell swoop. They thought there is no cure for it. But pneumonia patients these days only have to be administered with antibiotics in order to combat the disease.

Pharmaceutical companies have also successfully formulated cures for cases of hepatitis, typhoid fever and tuberculosis, and most of them are quite inexpensive too. Given that background, then, it baffles many people why the researchers in the pharmaceutical industry have been unable to develop a cure 'for a simple condition like herpes.' There is one reason for this difficulty of pharmaceutical companies to come up with a cure for herpes, and it has something to do with how well the virus causing herpes can hide. It comes out of hiding to cause herpes outbreak, and then goes back into hiding for a while, ready to pounce again in the future.

A few herpes virus will be enough to cause the outbreak while the others could just stay hidden. Sure, there are drugs that could be taken to combat these viruses as they surface. Even the body's immune system can also fight them off. But those that remain in hiding are able to avoid being combated through drugs or by the body's own immunity. The drugs merely become a temporary solution since the other viruses which are hiding can come out anytime and also do a number on the patient as the drugs weren't able to eliminate them.

It is worth noting that the possibility of a real herpes cure being developed by the pharmaceutical industry is growing - thanks to advances in the technology through which viruses' DNA genomes can be investigated. There is a gene that has been used by these viruses to hide behind, and if some researchers are to be trusted, they have already identified which gene it is. Now they are looking into ways or methods to make sure that this gene does not develop any further. Much like the viruses that were visible, these viruses that used to be hidden will also be subjected to the drugs since they can no longer hide behind anything. This should translate into a definitive cure for herpes: whether that happens to be oral herpes or genital herpes.

But since that has not happened yet, we have to be patient and just make do with the treatments that we currently have. While it is true that a definitive cure for herpes has not been found yet, these companies were able to come up with treatments and medication designed to manage the symptoms. Herpes patients who undergo the available herpes treatments will find that they don't have a lot to worry about with their condition. Cures they may not be; however, they can effectively reduce the effects and manage the symptoms being suffered by the patients.

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