Considering the rampant use of mobile phones that accounts for more than ninety percent of global population, one must focus on the hazards of using these devices. Since a mobile phone needs electromagnetic waves for uninterrupted connectivity, scientists are trying to establish the link between radiation and a number of health issues.

Radiation factor

One of the most frequently debated topics of discussion is does phone radiation cause hair loss. The attempts to reduce the harmful effects of mobile phones have been focusing on radiations caused due to electromagnetic waves and their potential side effects.

Sometimes you might have experienced phone heating which can be attributed to thermal effects of radiation in certain cases. Many studies have been able to establish a correlation between radiation and genetic damage caused due to release of free oxygen radicals.

One of the most important factors that cause electromagnetic radiation hair loss is the breaking down of DNA followed by toxic effect of reactive oxygen molecules. Although, it is difficult to pinpoint electromagnetic radiation as a single culprit, there could be other factors such as free radicals and so forth.

A particular study tried to determine ‘does phone radiation cause hair loss’ and checked if hair fall could be reversed by following a multi-pronged approach. This approach included the use of a special chord for hands-free communications. This enabled the user to hold the phone away from the temporal region to minimize the radiation effects.

Key treatment options

In most cases that reported electromagnetic radiation hair loss, researchers and hair experts noticed that the patients were overusing the phones for conversations that continued for hours together.

You need to limit your mobile conversations to prevent overexposure to the harmful effects of radiation.
As mentioned earlier, one needs to adopt a multi-faceted approach to deal with hair loss which is caused due to excessive use of mobile phones. The best option is to use hands-free phones to prevent continuous exposure to electromagnetic waves. This will help eliminate the root cause of hair fall.

If you have already lost a considerable portion of scalp hair along with the temporal region, then a hair expert or a reputed cosmetologist would suggest the use of Minoxidil for external application.

One should also consider the intake of fruits and food supplements that provide anti-oxidants to reverse free radical damage caused by electromagnetic radiation. Alternatively, your doctor can also suggest medicines that contain anti-oxidants and other essential vitamins to nourish the hair.

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