Convincing someone is not as simple as ABC. A person must have extraordinary communication skills and profound knowledge about the subject to impose his point of view on other persons in a significant way. This is why teachers in high school ask their students to focus on the importance of persuasive essays. If a student has a firm grip on writing skills and learns about its basic structure, he does not have to ask others to write my essay.

A persuasive essay is a type of essay which has very high importance not only from an academic point of view but also in our daily lives. In this kind of essay a student puts his all efforts to make his content impressive, compelling and irresistible with the help of strong and vivid logical facts and examples. In order to make the content potent, a writer must have high writing skills and follow the basic structure of essay writing as well.

The basic structure of a persuasive essay is easy to follow. It makes the writing content attractive and presentable. It is divided into three major parts which are as following:

  1. a) Introduction
  2. b) Main body
  3. c) Conclusion

Let’s have a deeper look on the importance of aforementioned pillars of essay writing structure.

a) Introduction:

It is the foremost section of writing a persuasive essay. There is no doubt that writing a persuasive essay is like a writer is advocating his position which may be either in favor or against the topic. A writer’s aim is to convince the reader by hook or by crook regarding his firm stance on the topic. In order to do so, a writer has to write essay for me with a robust introductory paragraph. Commencing with a hook statement which can be whether a question, quotation or surprisingly amazing fact in order to lure the reader's interest in the essay. Moreover, A writer must tell about his particular position regarding his stance on the topic without leaving any doubt in the reader’s mind. A writer must be very choosy while inscribing the collection of words in the introductory paragraph.

b) Main body:

Once an essay writer is done with writing an attention grabbing introduction, now get ready to write the lengthiest section of the essay which is referred to as “main body”. It has its own significance in persuasive essays. A writer has to clarify all doubts, queries and ambiguities which a reader may have in his mind by not only raising strong arguments but also giving vivid and robust examples regarding his stance on the topic. It is expedient to mention here that making smooth transitions in factual based examples as well as in arguments is really necessary. Assuming that readers don’t have enough knowledge about the topic is a good thing while writing this kind of essay. Explain the topic in detail and try to highlight all aspects so that a reader must be fully convinced why you’re writing and for whom you’re writing this essay is very important.

c) Conclusion:

It is one of the most important sections of essay writing in general and persuasive essay in particular. Summing up all the arguments and examples and then writing the concluding remarks and urging a reader to adopt or consider the writer's particular stance on the topic, authentic and correct one is the job of a writer to do in this section. Conclusion section is strongly connected with the thesis statement of the introduction paragraph. An essay writer free service provider has to restate it in a stunning and unique way to make his final remarks influential so that the reader may take action in favor of the writer's opinions.

In addition, persuasive essays play a vital role in making students think critically about a specific issue, problem or an addressable statement in various ways to provide better solutions and recommendations by taking a firm stance on it.


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