Behind Google Searches and the Necessity for SEO

For many, search engine optimization (SEO) is a confusing and often maddening concept. While many typically have a broad and general idea of what is good for optimizing one’s website (a generalization that’s been acquired by just a few moments of web surfing), this knowledge typically has its limit in terms of application. Understanding SEO is much more complicated than we give it credit for, both in recognizing the basic components of good SEO and in responding to changes to the industry.

We recently had a client who came us to us when they dropped a little bit in their rankings for Google Maps. After a few days it became clear that something was afoot, something which had to be tweaked. It subsequently became obvious that Google had updated their map search algorithm and that this update resulted in changed results.

These Google updates would come to be known in the industry as the “Venice” and “Panda-flux” updates and underscores the volatility that is inherent in search engine optimization. One day you can be sitting pretty on page one of a search result, and the next day you’re fighting for survival on page four. In my experience, it’s this component that absolutely drives business owners who handle their own marketing wild.

In the anecdotal case I mentioned, what’s important is that we were able to catch the drop in rankings in a matter of days and make necessary adjustments to the client’s Google Maps account and website in order to generate greater local relevancy, which the updates had placed a greater value upon. While they’re not ranking as high as before the shift, our client is seeing daily progress back up in rankings and it’s only a matter of time before they see a return to search engine ranking prominence.

Aside from underscoring the sheer volatility of SEO rankings, what this case also highlights is the importance of having an inside-man in the industry. For our client, we were able to pinpoint why their rankings took a hit and readjusted their internet marketing strategy to fit within the new confines of Google’s search algorithms. As a business who primarily markets on the web, we understand that it is absolutely vital to ensure quality search engine placement. More to the point, we have the industry and technical knowledge to react in real-time to modest or even extreme changes to search behavior. Without this kind of insight, our client would be wallowing in the nether regions of a search query.

While search engine optimization is an inexact science, there is nonetheless a rhyme and reason to where your website is ranked. The key is responding in such a manner so that you keep in place your vital and necessary SEO components while enhancing the parameters that have changed.

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