Each one of us has inherent healing energy in our body that is the key reason for us to be alive. This energy empowers our liveliness and is named as ‘Qi’. The life force energy ‘Qi’ must be balanced for the body system to work flawlessly. Sadly, many factors affect ‘Qi’ and its balance and make the lives of many burdened. In this post, we have talked about ‘Qi’ in detail and how one can maintain the natural equilibrium of the body system with the help of the best chiropractor singapore.

What is ‘Qi’?

You must have heard a lot about ‘Qi’ and how it is a force and energy to be nurtured. However, the best TCM clinics in Singapore describe that ‘Qi’ is not ordinary energy but a supreme life force, which nurtures the entire body’s element. The ‘Qi’ is an integral part of our body, but it is also present in the environment around us, making the system complete and wholesome. Traditional Chinese Medicine describes Qi as the energy that strongly holds the mass and matter of everything existing. From the movement of our mind, body, and soul to the force behind the movement, it is ‘Qi’ only that drives the world in and around us.

While the body maintains Qi naturally to enable it to perform its functions and responsibilities, it may get distorted due to many reasons. Thus, it needs to be maintained and balanced with a little help from the best tcm in singapore.

Imbalance of Qi:

The concept of Ying/ Yang best explains the need for balance in life. The concept preaches that the body requires a perfect equilibrium of light and darkness. We see the light in the darkness and the darkness makes the light visible. The same concept applies to our body and hence maintaining balance is imperative.

The Qi must flow flawlessly in the body for optimum health. The illness, discomfort, pain, and other bodily disorders are experienced when the Qi in the body runs out of balance. Chiropractor Singapore explains that there are two modes of Qi. The body can be Qi deficient or in Qi excess mode. The expert chiropractor at Best TCM in Singapore then evaluates the body at multiple points to identify whether it is in excess or deficient mode. The experts then use a range of tools including acupuncture, herbs, moxa, and cupping to restore the balance of the body.

What is Qi deficiency?

When the body id low on life energy, it is termed as Qi deficiency. If you feel fatigued all the time, you might be Qi deficient. Depending upon the lack of energy on an individual’s body, the effects can differ from one individual to another. Some of the common reasons for Qi deficiency are lack of sleep, poor food choices, excessive energy put into work, mental and physical stress. Most commonly, people experience fatigue, shortness of breath, or no desire to speak, spontaneous sweating, swollen tongue, and similar symptoms.

What is an excess of Qi?

When your body has more energy than needed, it is the condition the body cannot utilize the entire energy in the body. From a lack of physical activity to overeating and stress, multiple stressors can affect the body qi balance and result in an excess.

What are the different types of Qi?

Qi is of four types-

• Parental Qi: This is the inherited qi and is stored in the kidneys.
• Pectoral Qi: This is produced as we breathe and is stored in the lungs, heart, and pericardium.
• Nutritional Qi: It comes from the food we eat and is stored throughout the body.
• Defensive Qi: This Qi works against the illness, infection, and other bad elements to attack our body and make a home in it.

The chiropractor Singapore knows the best to detect the imbalance of Qi and how it affects the body a routine consultation with the Best Chiropractor in Singapore can help you restore the Qi balance and avoid the related problems.

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