Do you desire to buy Yamaha new pianos for sale? Are you thinking of buying a piano as an asset? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then definitely you are in the right place. By now you have probably heard of individuals who have made a killing from selling their acoustic pianos. However, before you jump off your seat thinking you will make a killing from selling your Yamaha new pianos for sale, read this article, it will give you all the insights you need in understanding piano market value.

Piano Depreciation

Before you decide to buy a Yamaha new piano for sale, you need to think of buying a piano like purchasing a car. As soon as the car leaves the showroom its value starts depreciating. In regards to the new Yamaha new pianos for sale, you are deciding to buy understand that its market will greatly depreciate 60%-75% within the first three years. Can you imagine that? Losing more than three-quarters of the piano value within the first three years is insane.

So why will your Yamaha new pianos for sale depreciate so fast within the first three years? Well, they are several factors that come into place. The first condition that will affect your Yamaha's new pianos for sale depreciation is how often is your piano being used. The second factor is humidity. A piano that has been constantly being exposed to humidity tends to depreciate so fast and easily. The third factor is the constant moving of the piano. With parts that might move over the long haul, wood that might expand or contract and parts that wear out, the worth of the instrument will diminish step by step.

You may be thinking if the piano does depreciate so quickly why not just replace the parts that have undergone some wear and tear. The simple answer is that even though most piano parts are replaceable, it is a highly costly venture. In some cases, it may even surpass the value of the piano which does not make any financial sense.

Piano Appreciation

Are you feeling discouraged to buy Yamaha new pianos for sale because of the first section of the blog piece? Well, you should not be as pianos tend to appreciate. How? Well, it all starts with the quality of the piano and brand. Therefore, poor-quality pianos will devalue a lot quicker. On the other hand, a great quality piano will appreciate or hold its value in the coming years. These phenomena you will probably get to witness with quality brands such as Yamaha, Fazioli, and even Steinway among others.

Similar to automobiles, piano manufacturers tend to have limited releases.  Limited-released cars which tend to greatly appreciate over time-limited release pianos likewise will quite often hold their worth or increase their value over the long run. All of these can be explained in simple economics, demand, and supply. For limited releases, they tend to have high demand but little supply because of their numbers. So when thinking of buying Yamaha new pianos for sale, checking if the piano is a limited release can help you save a bunch of cash and gain.

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