Financial emergencies can strike in at any time. Therefore, financial experts and consultants always recommend that an individual must possess some kind of asset to ensure financial security. The most secure and reliable asset is a person’s house or property. Hence, it is easy to avail cash against property for meeting a financial need. Loan against property has become a convenient option for people to meet their various financial requirements.

You would gain a better understanding if you learn what loan against property means in simple terms. When a certain amount of money is sanctioned as a loan to a person, against the mortgage of his or her own property, it is called loan against property. The asset can be an apartment, a house or even a piece of land. Banks and financial companies grant loan money to an individual who is the owner of such type of property. In some cases, the property which has been mortgaged is vacant while in other cases it is given out on rent to someone.

For emergency cash, even personal loan is a viable option. However, the rate of interest in personal loan is quite high, which makes the repayment amount very huge. When you avail loan against your own house or property, the rate of interest is not that high. Banks and private financial institutions usually grant loan against property, at a rate of interest ranging from 12% to 15%. Hence, in this manner you get to meet your financial need in an affordable manner. This is the primary reason why people prefer opting for this kind of finance option.

The time period allotted to repay the loan which you have taken against your property, usually extends till 15 years. People take loan against their houses for several uses. The limit of your loan is also expansive, so you can meet your bigger expenses with the loan money.
One main fact to keep in mind is that loan against property must not be confused with personal loan.
Personal loan is an unsecured loan while loan against property is completely secured. The loan applicant has to adhere to certain mandates in order to apply for this kind of loan. Lenders require employment proof, income proof, residence proof and identity proof. The financial condition of the loan applicant is taken into consideration before approving the loan application.

Also, there must not be any unpaid credit card bills and other pending debts. If your credit score is poor and you are projected as unreliable for repaying debts, the bank may turn down your loan application.

One benefit which you get on loan against property is that the limit of loan is huge. The bank and other lenders monitor the total value of your property. So, in a way they get assurance that in case you fail to repay the loan on time, there is collateral to compensate for the loan amount.

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