This article is an introduction to two key features of Intelligent Servers designed to prevent data and operation loss of critical websites.

We will also refer to some of Liquid Web’s solutions as examples, so we demonstrate the features of high performance server configurations, potential costs as well as coupon savings.

Disaster Protection

Most reputable web hosting companies that manage critical mission data centers have understood the danger physical and non-physical threats pose to operations. For this reason they have introduced Intelligent Server Configurations.

Intelligent Server configurations include multiple servers, redundant load balancers and redundant firewalls. A setup such as this one helps important applications address any lapses in service. A load balancer effectively serves as a reverse proxy, distributing application and/or network traffic across any available servers.

The firewall redundancy feature consists of a firewall replica, which is created with identical operational parameters and serviced off the network. If the primary firewall experiences failure, all traffic will be redirected to the spare firewall system.

However, the main two features of high performance systems is server redundancy and geographic redundancy.

What is Server Redundancy
If you're unfamiliar with the term, server redundancy provides enterprise IT infrastructures with increased server availability. Server redundancy is implemented by creating a server replica with identical storage, computing power and other operational parameters. The redundant server is then kept offline until the primary server experiences downtime, failures or excessive traffic. In these cases, the redundant server is automatically connected to take the primary server's place or simply help with the traffic load.

What is Geographic Redundancy
Horror stories of physical incidents in data centers involving power loss after hurricanes, earthquakes or storms are unfortunately still an industry staple. Geographic redundancy means various copies of the server’s configuration, hardware and software, are set up in different geographic locations. If a server switches off completely due to an error or physical incident in one particular location, the replica servers take over with zero impact in the operation of the application. In this way, there is no downtime or loss of data.

Estimated cost and money saving coupons.
When it comes to cost, a good example is Liquid Web's dedicated servers where the investment neededranges from $199 to $859 per month.In any case, Liquid Web coupon CLOUD33 saves up to 33% six months hosting costs.

The more affordable solution comes with an Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 (4 cores @ 3.4 Ghz) and 32 GB of RAM. The server also contains two 1 TB SSD primary drives and one 1 TB SATA backup drive. This package includes 5 TB of bandwidth.

The more expensive intelligent server configuration is a true powerhouse, with its Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 (24 cores @ 2.2 Ghz) and 256 GB of RAM. In addition to that, you get four 1 TB SSD primary drives (Hardware RAID 10), one 2 TB SATA backup drive and 10 TB of bandwidth. This bundle also includes useful additional features such as advanced DDoS protection, free cPanel, ServerSecure PLUS and up to 1 TB worth of offsite backups. The price of such server on Liquid Web is no less than $800 per month.

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