Then Peter opened his mouth and said of a truth, I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: but in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him. ( Acts 10: 34-35).

deeply rooted prejudice against Gentiles ( Galatians 2). Martin Luther King lived and died promoting a dream that all men are equal. Nelson Mandela suffered to see apartheid abolished.

We've all been discriminated against in some form. To discriminate means to "differentiate," to treat somebody with prejudice, which is a preconceived judgment. It means to judge a person as "different" for some reason -- ethnically; socio-economically, or in gender, age, belief, life experience, or some other reason--- and, therefore, as inferior.

When someone prejudges us, they show the narrowness of their life and mind. What happens in life is if we haven't been exposed to something, if it's unfamiliar to us, we tend to have blinders on, like a racehorse, which can make for narrow-mindedness. Within a rigid mindset of discrimination the thinking is that only the people who look like, act like, make money like, dress like, and go to church like them should be given proper dignity and worth. The root of this is usually based in fear and jealousy that if another person is given the dignity he deserves, they will "lose" something.

They do not understand that God is no respecter of persons--- He does not discriminate, but freely and generously pours out His gifts and goodness to all people in covenant with Him. Jesus death on Calvary gave us all an equal opportunity: It cuts off all arguments for socioeconomic, gender, religious, or racial injustice.

The reason discrimination hurt so bad is because it is based on rejection. Rejection means to "deny" or "to refuse to acknowledge" or to "cast or throw aside as being useless." A person who is rejected feels devalued and less worthy than others. The only way to not feel a need for other people's approval is to know deep inside yourself that God totally accepts you and approves of you. (Ephesians 1:4-6). You can overcome discrimination if you know who you are in Christ. This is crucial, because if the enemy can mess up your spiritual identity, he can rob you of your destiny.

That's why God's opinion is the only opinion that really counts! That's why it's critically important that you know what God thinks of you.
Recognize that people who deny you, refuse to acknowledge you, or reject you don't have the ability to see the real you. Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God--- the word fearfully means" reverent:"; the word wonderfully means "different" (Psalms 139:14). It's your difference that distinguish you and make you so valuable because you are a Designer's original, handcrafted by God Himself!

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Mercy Abbey is a life coach, speaker, author, consultant and entrepreneur. She is gifted with a passion to inspire, empower, exhort and to equip others in discovering God's unique design for their lives. Mercy is on a mission to proclaim a message of hope, truth and wholeness as she provides practical life coaching tools that people can apply to their everyday lives to begin living out the blessings, provisions and the purpose God has for them in their lives – A true life without limits!

Mercy has over twenty years of professional experience in various environments, including nursing and business. However with each phase of her journey there was a common thread where she spent a great deal of time inspiring and empowering others. While she enjoyed and always made the best of each position, she always felt that there was a greater purpose for her. At God's appointed time she was led to leave a successful health care business she'd personally built from the ground up to do what she loves and enjoys the most, and what she knows God called her to do-- Help others.

Now she has set out to help them live their life without limits. Mercy Abbey is the founder and president of Rhema Life Without Limits and Rhema Life Coaching, both divisions of Rhema Preserve Global, LLC. As a Christian life coach known for her approachable spirit and discernment, her desire is to help others overcome life's challenges and discover a great life through Christ. Her philosophy is rooted in her own life experience and her passion for success. Mercy has personally overcome great adversities in life and she is someone you can count on to relate to the struggles you may find yourselves in. Whether you consider yourself a high profile individual or you’re the blue-collar type, Coach Mercy is ready to help you move to your next level so you can thrive and not just survive.

The word says in the book of Jeremiah 29:11-

“For I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord. It is a plan to prosper you and not do harm to you. To give you hope and a future.”
Mercy’s passion is not only to help individuals overcome their life's challenges, but also to help you to discover God's calling so that you can become motivated and inspired to achieve success! No matter your past, your struggles or your vision of life let Coach Mercy Abbey help you break through to the fullness of life that God has ordained for you, a life without Limits!

Mercy Abbey is a:

Certified Life Breakthrough coach
Certified Biblical Coach
Member of the Biblical Coaching Alliance
Member of the Christian Coaches Network
Mercy offers honesty, integrity, knowledge, faith, wisdom, sincerity, humor, inspiration, courage, strength, guidance, encouragement, motivation, empowerment, determination and a caring heart with a plan of action!

Mercy will help you to grow and mature in all areas of your life. She is passionate about helping called participants to transform their lives, tap into their greatest potential, find their life's purpose and live life to the fullest.