Infertility is no longer a topic discussed in hush tones. Studies show one out of six couples struggle with infertility. From this representation, one out of the three couple’s infertility arises from the man’s side. While not all cases are treatable, some lifestyle and diet changes can help boost fertility. However, if you live in NYC or its environs, it is vital for you to visit a fertility clinic in NYC to ascertain the condition.

What Causes Infertility in Men?

Infertility in men can stem from various conditions. These include low libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, sperm immobility, and even low testosterone levels. There are several ways of boosting your fertility as explained below:

Avoid Stress

It is difficult to get in the mood when you are under stress. Stress makes it hard to have an erection or even sustain it. Additionally, scientists believe with high levels of stress, cortisol levels go higher. The higher the cortisol levels, the lower the production of testosterone. Take stress management class and incorporate activities such as walks, yoga, and even meditation to help you deal with stress.

Make It a Habit of Exercising Regularly

Research shows frequent exercises help increase the level of testosterone production, hence improving fertility. Additionally, the quality of semen improves compared to inactive men. However, do not overdo it as too much exercise has an adverse effect on the production of testosterone.

Increase Your Zinc Intake

Low zinc intake translates to low levels of testosterone production, poor quality of semen, and also high statistics in male infertility. Getting an adequate supply of zinc is one of the ways of improving your fertility. Zinc is found in high quantities in animal sources such as meat and eggs.

Take Vitamin C

One of the major benefits of vitamin C is building the body’s immune system to help fight diseases. Studies have shown that good consumption of rich vitamin C foods and supplements help boost fertility. When one’s body has high quantities of oxidative stress caused by an overwhelming disease-fighting system, it lowers testosterone production. Vitamin C intake, therefore, combats these effects.

Ingest Enough Vitamin D

Research findings show a high intake of vitamin C translates to higher testosterone production. Furthermore, it also increases the sperm’s mobility.

Incorporate Maca Root in Your Feeding

Taking maca root has been found to give high sexual performance, increased libido, and even higher sperm count. Several studies indicate taking about 2g for a period of up to 3 months has increased libido in men.

Following these simple tips, you can be sure you are on track to fertility recovery. Moreover, it is essential for you to have a healthy lifestyle change. This includes losing weight, limiting your alcohol consumption, getting adequate sleep, and even consuming enough folate. You can also snack on antioxidant-rich foods like walnuts. Taking supplements is another great boost too.

However, remember that if fertility treatment fails, you can always try other methods, like in-vitro fertilization and adoption.

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Amna khan