A death of the loved one, especially of a family member, is a sorrowful event. Much more, if it is untimely, such that it is caused not with a debilitating disease but by criminals, brings depression to the entire family. Untimely deaths for example road accidents and crimes committed against lives, as well as to property which resulted to untimely demise are more painful than every other, as death is sudden and comes when everybody is unprepared.

Solving various heinous crimes has become easier nowadays not only because of the modern technology used by television networks and law enforcing bodies but also due to various fields of expertise of work from law enforcement, journalism and broadcasting. Although having such kind of jobs is always related to danger, many are dedicated and no form of threat can prevent them from doing their job.

CNN, the worlds leader in bringing news-worthy events right at the doorsteps has reported countless crimes against humanity, property and to rights from simple deaths caused by a mistaken identity of the totally unknown individual to genocides and mass atrocities that world leaders themselves created in an attempt to remain in power to journalists being butchered for releasing to the media such stories.

As being a journalist, to be able to bring the truth to the world involves finding yourself in near-death experiences and situations particularly if one is into investigative journalism doing research for a controversial documentary which involves one of the most sensitive issues such as murder specifically genocide committed by powerful individuals. How can these journalists who were armed only with their camcorders and laptop computers fight high-power machine gun-toting personal bodyguards of some deranged leaders?

Authorities on the contrary, whose salary most of the time isn't commensurate to the nature of their job dedicatedly pursue criminals to bring justice to people who were attacked that most often, their personal safety factors are at stake. Felonious deaths of police officers have continued to impact the society as the cases of deaths working have continued to rise. According to the data released just recently by the National Police force Officers Memorial Fund, eighty-seven officers across the US were killed in the first six months of 2010, compared to the 61 casualties this past year.

Broadcasters or newscasters, although their role is just to relay the news are sometimes subjected to various types of harassments such as death threats and bluffing that in some way cause emotional turmoil to them as threats are generally viewed as life-threatening. Just recently, the Globe and Mail reported that Somali Islamic extremists banned music on the airwaves but organizers of the newest radio program continued to achieve this despite threats that's being carried-out to its correspondents and listeners too.

As death might just come along with accidents unannounced, insurance benefits protect you and your love one and your properties from all types of threats and relieve you from incurring unnecessary obligations. As the old adage goes which is relevant not only to the field of drugs, 'An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.'

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