What Is ELD

ELD simply means the Electronic Logging Device which is specially designed and developed for commercial vehicles and truck drivers so that their Hours of Service can be tracked and recorded conveniently.

From December 18, 2017, inspectors and roadside enforcement personnel started issuing citations to commercial motor vehicle drivers operating vehicles without a compliant ELD. From April 1st onwards, officials started sending the drivers out of service who are driving the commercial vehicles without ELD devices.

Reasons For Buying ELD Devices

If you have waited until the last minute to buy the device for your commercial vehicle then you have made a misstep. Know why:

  • Reason #1: You have missed the chance of selecting the best ELD vendor. Since there are plenty of companies developing and installing this device, it becomes hard to choose the one with highest efficiency and accuracy. Some of them are really reliable while others are unregistered and not-so-dependable in the market. However, since you have made the decision of buying the device a the last minute, there is no time for research about various options available in the industry. You might have jumped on the very first option you find out there.
  • Reason #2: The price of the best and most effective ELD devices is increased automatically in the market. When the demand goes higher and the stock is limited then the price will rise gradually. When the ELD devices manufacturers understand that the demand is high and the deadline has passed, then they gradually reduce their production and create a scarcity in the market to increase the price. Now, you have to pay that higher price to get the device.
  • Reason #3: The availability becomes limited due to high demand. When the deadline is near and the demand is getting higher every day then you may not get the best ELD in the market easily and wait for the right one. Since all the top companies have purchased almost all the efficient devices from the market, it becomes harder to get the best one easily.
  • Reason #4: You probably did not get enough time to truly evaluate the technical details and the essential features of the device. It is required to check if the ELD solution is totally compliant and if it is able to fulfill the specific requirements of your fleet management procedure. But you might not get enough time to check such matters.
  • Reason #5: Though the system is easy, still your drivers need some training before they start operating the ELD devices on the trucks. When you are running out of time then you cannot offer them the proper training. You do not have enough time in your hand to train the drivers as well as the fleet officials or team members regarding the operation of the device and preparation of the final reports to keep track of the trucks.
  • Hence, you could have made a mistake when picking your ELD provider. However, if you have made some mistake at that time, then you can rectify that. You can change your ELD anytime you want and get something more efficient, functional, professional and compliant as per your fleet management requirements. Choose the best vendor from the market and get the most excellent device right now

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