All about competitions

There are thousands of people around the world participating in contests to win prizes. In the UK these people are known as 'Compers' and some of them do so well in winning prizes that they really can make a living.

How do they make a living? I hear some of you ask. Well, they enter hundreds of contests every week and start to win weekly prizes, any prize they are not interested in can sell online in places like Ebay, Amazon, classified ads, forums, etc.

Why are there competitions?

One answer is to simply promote your site. If you create a competition of hundreds, perhaps thousands of people will flock to the site to enter the competition and often visit other pages on the site. I know what I do.

The prizes you can win?

There are so many money prizes, cars, vacations, houses, books, clothes, electrical equipment, purchases, vouchers. Whatever it is, someone has probably given the prize away.

What kinds of competitions are out there?

Giveaways / Prize Giveaways - These are contests where you don't have to answer a question and simply submit your details. The winner is chosen at random.

Question - You have to answer a question correctly to be placed in the competition. The winner is chosen at random from the correct answers.

Quizzes: If you complete a quiz and the more answers you get, the more points you will get. The winner is the person with the most points.

Skill: To enter the competition, you must do something that requires an element of skill. Write slogans, poems, draw something, etc. All prizes are judged by a panel and the winner is the one chosen by the judges.

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