Commercial printing is not that expensive if you know the right choices and know the right process. Do not be afraid to ask your chosen commercial printing company how to save some dollars with your prints without paying for it on quality.

Every color you pick may add an additional cost to your prints especially if you have tons of color requirements. The cheapest print there is to have only black in the print but of course that would be too sad specially if you need something more upbeat and fun-spirited, you need more colors. CMYK colors are the ones used by printers while what you see in your monitor is RGB, the best way to settle the score is either design with CMYK or have your printers match the colors exactly as you see it in your monitors (this idea does not save you anything rather adds a little more to your price, so try not to request color matching unless your printers give this service for free).

Paper Choice
Paper choices also affect the price of your package because the high grade your paper is the more it will cost, so think about your print’s actual use and how long you need it. if it’s a print that will be used for just a few days and you are likely to change it because the dates are outdated already then use papers of thinner substance or lower opacity. Its ability to absorb ink also affects the price so ask your printers what would work well with your print needs.

Print dimensions
Prints that are large are most often more expensive then the smaller ones because it requires more inks and paper so you want to settle for prints in the normal sizes if you don’t really need the larger ones.

Print volume
In mathematics, more is equal to more which means the more prints you do the more it will cost, while this may seem logical, the reality is more prints is equal to more discounts. Printers always want business and more prints means more business for them so to thank you for printing with them they will almost always give you a discount and a great package.

Turnaround time
The fast turnaround may not give you money outright but it will give you more time to check your prints, see if you need anything else or do something else. The best printers can always print fast, the questions is – can they print well in every single page with the same quality as the first? The cheapest turnaround time is the longest which is normally 5-7 days so if you are not really in a hurry choose this. Should you need your prints at a specific date but you have a very small budget, do it earlier like 2-3 weeks earlier than you expect your prints to be so you get it a few days before you need it and still get the low price you can afford.

What you need, your Commercial printing company should either answer or should at least assist you in achieving and getting it. Commercial printing is never successful without a good professional printer. So always make sure you pick the right one because in the long run, the right printer will help you save not just money but time and effort as well.

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