We are struck by many illnesses most of them due to our own negligence. If we could abstain from certain habits we could keep some very deadly diseases and sicknesses at bay. Though we know them and have been regularly advised by the medical fraternity, we would still be abusive with our bodies and contract these diseases and illnesses.

We are very aware that smoking could cause cancer from our mouths right down our respiratory system and elsewhere too. Narcotic drugs have very dangerous consequences, alcohol which is very popular as a social drink brings untold suffering mentally, physically and psychologically too. The list could go on but still we are careless and oblivious to these habits without which we could lead very healthy and peaceful lives. We do not need to indulge any of these dangerous habits which could addict us very quickly.

Into this equation we should take the use of asbestos without which we could live. We don’t need asbestos roofs when there are ample other safer roofing materials with which we could protect ourselves from the elements. We are stubborn and still use asbestos very liberally completely aware that in the long-term it causes a cancer which is popularly referred to as mesothelioma.

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a malignant cancer that affects the mesothelium. The mesothelium is the cells that line our body’s internal organs. Mesothelioma the cancer would begin here and then slowly spread to other parts of the body. Once it spreads which would be diagnosed as stage four mesothelioma it would be difficult to treat the patient. It would be the final stage and any hope would be lost. In the final stages the mesothelioma cancer could spread to the brain, spinal cord, lining of the heart and the prostrate.

What causes Mesothelioma?

The cause is fairly and surely placed on the use of asbestos. The prolonged exposure to asbestos would cause the cancer mesothelioma and there is none other issue that has been recognized as the cause of this dreaded disease.

There was a concerted effort by activists to bring about a ban on the use of asbestos in the United States. The lower courts in the United States did rule in favor and ban the use of asbestos. But in a strange twist of legal interpretation the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the lower court’s judgment after the asbestos industry mounted a very damning challenge.

The asbestos industry whilst accepting the fact that hundreds contract the disease and many more are killed in the long term in the US, pointed out that the industry provides thousands of jobs and pump millions of dollars into the economy. Their defense relied on one very pertinent argument, and that was if the asbestos industry that was killing hundreds should be banned so be it.

But in the same spirit the US Supreme Court should also ban the automobile industry which kills not hundreds but thousands on the roads every year, and it was prudent to ban that industry too. The US Supreme Court after deliberation set aside the judgment of the US Lower Court.
Asbestos hence remains very much in use and would affect hundreds of Americans and other than enduring to prevent exposure the citizens have no their choice. It is just like crossing the road, you would need to look both sides and put your step forward or you could be sorry.

What are the symptoms of Mesothelioma?

Early detection of mesothelioma could pave the way for effective treatment but if it moves on from the point of origin to other areas, and stage four mesothelioma, occurs treatment could be impossible. Hence it would prudent to know the symptoms and refer the patient to a doctor and take proper treatment.

The symptoms would be very difficult to detect at the early stages and is often misinterpreted as other common illnesses. If the patient has been exposed to asbestos then the doctors would work on the diagnosis from the back to the front. But if there are no known exposure to asbestos the cancer could go undetected at the initial stages, This is a cause for concern among many especially the medical fraternity.
Stage four mesothelioma, would have the following symptoms but whether it would be too late to treat would be the worrying issue.
A tightness in the chest area
Frequent stabbing pains in the chest area
Sweating in the nights
Bouts of fever
Fluid buildup in chest and abdomen areas
Coughing out traces of blood (Hemoptysis)
Swallowing difficulties (Dysphagia)

If any of these symptoms persist it would be time to see a doctor and if a patient has been exposed to asbestos the earlier treatment is provided chances of saving the patient would be possible. The asbestos industry has initiated stringent precautions and regular tests of all those who work in the factories. This exercise allows them to monitor their employees, which is a proactive effort on their part and also a very pragmatic approach to address the problem. It is those who would use asbestos who are vulnerable and would need to take the appropriate precautions.

How can we prevent Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is known to occur in those who have been exposed to asbestos hence the best way to prevent contracting this deadly disease would be to stay away from asbestos. The mesothelioma cancer does not occur as rapidly as other cancers but would take a long time to establish itself in the patient’s body. This is what makes this cancer a dangerous one and diagnosis has always been after the cancer has spread, and stage four mesothelioma, has set in and the patient is at an advanced stage of the disease.

It may be difficult endeavor to follow but being away from asbestos is the only way and in retrospect it is like refusing to ride in an automobile because you could very likely end up in an accident.

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