As crimes are increasing in every part of the world, the role of mobile patrol services is becoming undeniable. Despite the fact that the security industry is filled with technologies and every now and then there is a new product evolving to empower security, the responsibilities shouldered by security guards are considered unparalleled. No matter how the latest technologies are enabling the industry with improved results, security guards continue to rule the sphere and their contribution to reinstating safety and security at different premises can hardly be overruled. Besides, the job of a security guard is no longer limited to physical deterring of crimes. Their offerings are diverse.

A quick insight into the role of a mobile security guard

Although, the primary role of a mobile security patrols guard in Brisbane is to act as an effective deterrent. They play other vital roles as well. If you are not too familiar with the tasks these security professionals perform go through the following lines where their responsibilities are well discussed in order to help you get a better understanding of their job role.

Patrolling inner and outer zones

Although most of you strongly believe that patrolling guards are only there to survey outdoors today’s scenarios however speak otherwise. Indeed mobile security guards are the most cost-effective security options you get when it becomes essential to secure multiple areas. The patrolling officers cover a bigger area than stationed security guards. They play a vital deterrent for outdoor and indoor threats other than offering rapid response to incidents concerning breach of security.

However, it is possible for mobile security patrol officers in Redcliffe to offer such widespread service because of vehicles with which they constantly commute and keep a close watch on sites they are assigned. The main role of the mobile security guard is to keep their eyes on higher risk areas. The patrols include:

  • Checking as well as maintaining the security systems
  • An extensive search on and around properties
  • Ensuring implementation of fire safety protocols
  • Clearing of hazardous substances at the given site
  • Preventing the loss of various sensitive elements and inventories

Key holders

The patrolling officer not only patrols the site but at the same time has to shoulder a bigger task – holding keys to a property. These professionals are responsible for protecting a business from inconvenience, costs and unnecessary risks. Since they hold keys it is vital that they don’t take random leaves. Furthermore, it is one of their responsibilities to quickly respond to alarms. Upon identifying the sound of the alarm, the patrol officer will seek necessary actions. Their actions differ from resetting an alarm to locating and detaining culprits and offering various emergency services.

Ensuring health and safety norms

The security guards are trained in handling health and safety-related matters. They will offer necessary guidance to people who are in need. In case of a fire emergency, the men will properly plan out an evacuation and seek necessary protocols to diminish the fire.

These apart, a security guard offers services like monitoring of CCTV camera footage and much more. They are indeed the biggest saviours you can get.

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The author runs a mobile security patrols company in Brisbane. In recent times the author has been shedding light on matters related to mobile patrol officers and their offerings.