Today many people are facing heart issues around the world. Our lifestyle is many times responsible for it and the thing is that you must change the unhealthy habits. You must eat healthy fruits as well as vegetables in place of having unhealthy snacks which are not only high in calories but can also make your heart unhealthy too. Here are some of the symptoms of heart attack so that you can understand it better and avoid the worse condition.

Heart Attack Symptoms

Pain- If there is heart attack then you will feel pain and also a heavy, suffocating and strangulating experience attacks you too. You can understand it like it is similar with indigestion and chest wall injuries. The pain lies under the breastbone, it occurs in the left side of the chest. Pain also occurs in the jaw, neck, throat, left arm or left shoulder area. Woman feels more pain compares to man.

Discomfort in Chest- So many times patient feel pain in chest which stays for few minutes. Sometimes it comes and then goes back too. You can also feel squeezing, fullness, pressure or pain.

Stress- Stress is not only the symptom but if you are having stressed then you are the most risk of having heart attack.

Shortness of breath- When the heart becomes unable to pump blood then shortness of breath takes place. It is the most common and obvious reason if having any of the cardiac disorder. Coronary heart disorder and heart failure mostly invites the shortness of breath.

Woman faces subtle symptoms- Usually man face chest pain during heart attack but woman may has shoulder pain, neck, upper back or abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath, dizziness, unusual fatigue, sweating and light headedness as symptoms.

Chest pain or Angina- A feeling of tightness and pressure takes place in the chest.So many people think that chest pain is similar to the heart pain which is actually not right.

Fatigue, somnolence, lethargy- Somnolence or daytime sleepiness, fatigue and lethargy are most obvious and common symptoms of heart attacks.

Heartburn which is also known as indigestion- If indigestion is very unusual and if it is not responding to antacids or if taking place with eating then it is clear that you are having heart attack.

Just pain is not a symptom- Some of the mild symptoms take place in the first stage of heart attack and usually these are painless. These are squeezing sensation in the chest and tightness too.

Palpitations- One can feel irregular or rapid heartbeats when heart attack takes place. You can also understand it better by skips in the heartbeat. There is a pause after a strong beat.

Discomfort in Upper Body- You can also feel any kind of pain or discomfort in the either one or in both arms, pain also occurs in jaw, neck, back or in stomach.

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