Underlying every change you wish for is a layer that must be transformed yet is rarely addressed.

It is the root from which all else emerges…and the key to sustained transformation.

It has become a part of you, integrating itself in the subtleties and intricacies of who you have come to think yourself to be…as well as those aspects which seem the most obvious, in spite of the fact that they are false and deceiving you of your own potential.

Underlying every change you wish for is a layer that has likely formed itself from illusions that feel true and perspectives that are not.

It has become the “Source Code” for the existence you think you will continue to live in, even if you are unconscious that it is dictating your experience…of everything.

It is something we all seek a sense of, yet look outside of ourselves to define it.

It is influenced by the conditioning of both upbringing and experience and an intelligence absent of truth and wisdom.

You carry it within you and see the world and the possibility and impossibility of your own potential though it’s eyes.

The stories it has created are largely untrue, in spite of the fact that you and the world around you has gathered “compelling and believable” evidence to the contrary.

It is limited and limiting, constricted and constricting.

And, without exception, it must change if you wish to alter your reality…

What is it?


At the core of all true transformation we must create a radical shift at this level.

And go beyond the ways it has become a hindrance to living the life that is encoded within your Divine potential.

Transforming at the level of identity liberates you to live and embrace the life of your Divine Design.

It is at this level that you tap into the power that is inherent, inborn, and encoded, so you can step beyond the shadows and mirages of your conditioning and emerge from the fog of illusion and the denial of a self that may be unaware it even exists.

The most important question however is “Are you willing to fully participate in this level of transformation?”

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own shift? ™

And…what and how much is it costing you to continue in your own self denial?


Imagine living from the perspective that you are powerful, loveable and supported by the Source of Consciousness and Creation that thought you into existence?

Imagine knowing you were born to be an alchemist – able to alter the outer by transmuting the inner…and completely change the chemistry of your own thoughts and beliefs, your consciousness, your body, your relationships, and the situations that have previously left you feeling disempowered.

Imagine knowing—truly knowing—and accepting your own power and the perfection you were born to?

There are few people who truly understand and take advantage of the power they possess to initiate their own unraveling, and thus facilitate the subsequent awakening to the healer within.

Maybe it is because on some level, they don’t really believe they are worth it, or that they are capable.

Maybe it is become they have lost the hope that is required to even carry them into taking the first step.

Maybe they have become cynical and jaded and don’t really believe they can change what has become familiar, “normal,” and expected.

And, maybe, just maybe, they have grown to tolerate and accept the intolerable and unacceptable.

It is time to Initiate a Radical Shift…not just for you and within you…

It is time to embody both the faith that has only existed in concept and the knowledge that has not yet fully integrated itself within you…at the deepest and highest levels.

It is time to Awaken the Healer Within.

Are you ready and willing to accept the invitation?

Some say that the 2012 prophecy is not predicting an ending, but rather a beginning.

Some say it is a time not of destruction, but of transformation at the level of consciousness.

And, that the unsettling we are experiencing in our personal lives, bodies, relationships, work, the economy, and the environment is merely a shaking off that which can no longer travel forward into the future of our own creation.

God Knows the Sound of Your Voice and Loves You Absent of Conditions

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Author's Bio: 

Rev. Anita Pathik Law is a coach, hypnotherapist, published author, speaker, an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a powerful voice in the consciousness movement. Founder of The Power of Our Way Community and host of Conscious Dialogues, for over 17 years she has worked with thousands of people around the globe to help them “Raise Consciousness and Take Responsibility for Their Own Shift.” Known as a manifestation magnet and a “midwife to the soul,” Anita has leveraged the power of the mind and spirit to overcome the seemingly impossible. She guides her clients to tap into their own mastery by awakening to and aligning with their soul's purpose to receive their inknown wisdom and gifts.

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