An Alcohol Rehab center is seldom associated with humor; alcohol rehab does not lend itself well to levity; for most it is a serious, serious issue. It is about overcoming an addiction; overcoming a seemingly insurmountable problem; however as is true for a lot of other things, a dash of humor can actually help put things into perspective. Plus the fact that with alcohol abuse, it is easy to slide into depression; there is a natural, not inconsiderabe connection between alcoholism and depression and one may well lead to another.

It sometimes becomes important to understand that if the diagnosis of depression predates the alcoholism, then it could well be the underlying cause for the alcoholism. Then in a sense one becomes sidetracked with the issue of rehab for alcohol; this condition then appears to be more life threatening, more immediately inimical to both one’s physical and mental health. When it comes to substance abuse, that seems to overshadow what may actually be the root problem, the underlying and real reason why the alcohol abuse is present in the first place; in this case depression. Then when you check into an alcohol rehab center, it could be a case of treating the symptom rather than the disease.

Conversely when the alcoholism predates the depression, then it could be the alcoholism that causes the depression. It works like this: to begin with, alcohol can be that social lubricant which boosts confidence and loosens inhibitions. However over time, as alcohol use turns into alcohol abuse, it acts as a depressant. Then the insidious slide into depression can be for the long term, and it can be very destructive for a person’s physical and mental health, their relationships, and their profession as well; it can start to taint every part of a person’s life.

It is actually when the situation is so acute, and the alcohol addiction so severe as to impinge upon several areas of a person’s life that that slide into depression seems well nigh inevitable. When for instance the alcohol is affecting a person’s marriage and their interpersonal relationships, the person’s morale, self confidence and sum of happiness is obviously going to be impacted negatively. If the person’s alcohol dependence is so advanced as to make it impossible for them to discharge their professional duties effectively, then a layoff may actually be imminent; a scary prospect for anyone. An actual layoff may not only have a shattering effect on the person, it may leave them with entirely too much time to mull over their life going astray and the seemingly unswerving course that life seems to have set for ultimate doom.

So really whichever one predates the other; alcohol or depression, what is important is to address and confront the core issues that the person has, treating one or the other may be a band aid solution that is neither effective nor permanent. Deeming the need to treat depression as important as the alcohol rehabilitation, would be a two pronged attack upon the problem that is more likely to yield long lasting and positive results.

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An alcohol rehab program is a must in severe cases. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are present in every state. Alcohol rehab treatment can help one get back to normal life.