The main measurement of any Lasik eye surgery’s preoperative evaluation is the corneal thickness of the patient. The clear dome or circle which is formed in front of the eye is known as the cornea and it function as a lens for more than sixty percent of the focusing power of the eye. Laser technology is used in order to reshape the cornea and hence, adjust the focusing power. Corneal Surgery has increasingly becoming patient’s choice in order to get their eye treated.
Excimer laser is a particular kind of laser which produces light of specific wavelength with unique properties when it comes into contact with the human tissue mainly, it makes the tissue to vaporize in a very intricate and precise form with a help of little thermal energy or power. With the help of computerized optical system, the laser light technology reaches directly to the surface of the eye’s cornea to reshape it with detailed precision.
To perform this Lasik surgery, a minimum amount of cornea tissue needs to be removed in order to attain the right kind of shape. Experienced eye surgeons and optometrist have in their years of research developed accepted principle methods of how much tissue needs to be removed and how much must remain in order to attain the right eye sight. All of these has been taken into account by taking utmost safety margins and measures.
The corneal surgery needs a lot of precaution before as well as after the surgery as the cornea becomes extremely weak and thus, taking care of it requires your attention. Weakness of cornea can even lead to shape distortions although these cannot be predicted but they can be prevented with care and regular visits eye clinic.
Interestingly, corneal thickness differs from one individual to another, and thus, preoperative evaluation of the Lasik surgery becomes even more important and this can be done by ultrasound and various similar methods.550 microns is the average corneal thickness and ranges around this itself. And unusually thin cornea indicates weakness, also known as keratoconus.
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