One of the most powerful ways to turn back the biological clock, improve your health and become more radiant is to greatly reduce the amount of food you eat.

In fact the resulting gene expression initiated by caloric restriction is the only proven “anti-aging” method known.

The simple truth is the more food you eat the faster sickness, old age and death will come your way.

Most of us are slaves to the foods we eat constantly overburdening our digestive system with nutritionally devoid junk that ultimately ends up taking us one step closer to death with each bite taken.

We eat when we are happy, sad, bored, celebrating, socializing, lonely and possibly countless other reasons but most importantly we eat when we aren’t even hungry.

We have been programmed by powerful food industry propaganda that food is the answer to all of our problems when the truth is it may be the biggest cause of them!

Most of us never give our overworked digestion system a rest causing it to get clogged with putrefied waste that eventually starts to contaminate all the cells in your body which ultimately leads to disease and premature aging.

Healthy radiant beauty on the outside can only be achieved when you are clean on the inside and while internal cleanses are a great tool for doing this long term results can only be achieved if you learn to stop stuffing yourself with food that your body does not need and cannot process efficiently.

The human body needs very little food to repair and maintain itself. A more correct statement would be that the body needs very little nutrition to repair and maintain itself.

Rewind one hundred or so thousand years and you’ll find our ancestors hunting for and gathering their food often traveling long distances(exercising) by day and eating a single meal at night. These people were powerful, fast, had sharp senses and are thought to have been highly intuitive and yet they often fasted for almost twenty four hours each day.

Admittedly these folks didn’t live too long but they probably died from harsh climatic conditions or in the jaws of a saber-tooth tiger and not from sickness associated with chronic constipation which can be traced to the cause of many ailments that plague humans today.

To suggest someone could become healthier, increase their energy, develop better intuition and slow down the aging process by eating just one meal a day is often viewed as pure ludicrously in a society that is continually influenced by the results of research often funded by food companies who simply want to sell more of their product.

So I am suggesting you should eat just one meal a day?

What I am suggesting is that you start questioning your views on food and how they developed.

Don’t eat unless you are hungry.

Give your overtaxed digestive tract a break every so often which will free up vital energy your body can use in other more important places like repairing and healing.

All religious leaders like Buddha and Jesus fasted and recommended it to their followers and while Jesus supposedly fasted for forty days, great benefits can be achieved by fasting for 24 hours just one day a week.

An occasional one day fast may help you lose weight and look years younger after all caloric restriction, after numerous animal studies has been proven to provide profound health benefits and extend lifespan.

Consider doing more research on the numerous benefits of fasting and then start eating less, much less.

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Copyright 2010 Michael Ingraham. Mike is a health and fitness researcher, the creator of and several other sites like Kettlebells for Sale and Chevy Crate Engines.