Dark circles under the eye are very concerning and it is a common problem for men and women. Unfortunately, dark circles are predominant in people irrespective of age. And the underlying factors may vary from person to person. Although the under eye dark circles tend to remain stubborn once they are formed. There are many home remedies suggested for under eye dark circles and puffy eyes, they do not deliver promising results. At Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic, we offer the best treatment in Hyderabad to get rid of under-eye dark circles permanently
The skin under the eyes is highly sensitive as acts a joint two sensory organs skin and eyes. The entire mechanism of the inner eye is supported by the complex network of nerves which are supported by the skin. Hence any problem experienced by the body it tends to deliver the effect in more ways. A person suffering from chronic illness also has dark skin under eyes and a person working more in front of screens (laptop/computers) also has dark circles. Besides these reasons, other possible reasons are lack of sleep, stress, alcohol consumption and smoking, pigmentation or tan.'
Laser treatment for dark circles delivers visible results as compared to other medications. Although, results last for a long period recurring of the problem depends much on the individual.

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