Note: In this series of articles on philosophical misconceptions, we will look at the perspective within the practices of Awareness Engineering, as well as those held by many great thinkers throughout history. I have compiled a number of misconceptions into three categories: Fear Based, Semantics Confusion, and Under-developed Philosophy. To understand all three, please read each of the separate articles.

Our presence in life is marked by two fundamental, irreplaceable factors: Existence and Consciousness. Our spirit/soul is that which exists. Our consciousness is that which allows us to be aware that we exist. Life requires both. Life’s purpose, at its most basic, is the maintenance, nurturing, and growth of our existence and consciousness. Lack of attention to this purpose will cause atrophy and perhaps eventual loss.

Leaders of modern thought assert that our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies—which are at the root of behaviors, perceptions, reactions, habits, symptoms, and more—provide concise and exquisite communications from our subconscious aspects. They inform us, whether by a whisper or a scream, of the needs required by our consciousness and existence for survival and growth, and give indications of how and where we have strayed from the path of our soul.
When we become aware of these signals it is because we are experiencing stress, illness, disease, and dysfunctional conditions in our relationships and in other areas of our lives. At the base of these symptoms lies a misalignment with reality; something in our relationship with truth has gone awry.

Let’s look at some of the fundamental issues that are frequently uncovered in my research and with my clients. I categorize them as falling into one of the following categories: Fear Based, Semantics Confusion, and Under-developed Philosophy.
Undeveloped Philosophy

Without purposeful attention towards a personal philosophy, it is likely that there will be intrinsic flaws that will eventually cause blocks, self-destruction, senseless patterns, illness, or worse. Here are a few “snafus” that regularly occur:

• A contradiction cannot exist in nature. So if you are holding two beliefs—and they don’t fit together perfectly like two matching pieces of a jigsaw puzzle—then one (or both) belief is not aligned with reality.
• Holding to a “fact” that is not in alignment with the rest of your philosophy or knowledge of reality requires that you shrink your consciousness, build a wall, or create a division in your relationship with reality.
• Later in this body of work you will discover more information about contradictions and how to eliminate them in your life.
Lack of Purpose

• What is a person to do? Without an understanding of personal values, upon which are founded the basics of a purpose, how will a person make the choices, move forward with their life, or create the future they desire?
• Without a purpose, a person is vulnerable to the whims of anyone with a more interesting or compelling idea. It is therefore easy to be blown about like a leaf in the wind.
• Only humans question their purpose—nature does not. It would be silly for an acorn to question its expression. Is this what was meant by the Bible story of Adam and Eve? When they were exiled from the Garden of Eden, were they in essence given choice, and therefore the ability to question their very purpose?
Being Offended

• When the remarks of another have that biting edge that frequently cause offense in others, there are basically two choices for a response: Does the remark have an element of truth that is worth looking into? Or is it untrue, and therefore, really just the other person’s issue?
• If there is a ring of truth, be grateful for the opportunity for growth once again (even if you are better off separating yourself from this person because of their rude delivery). And if there is no truth in their words, why take offense? It is obviously their issue they are projecting onto you. Let it go.

As the saying goes, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Your values and virtues are only as high and lofty as your lowest expression of them. If you are faithful to your spouse, but steal from your company, your karma is at the level of the theft.

If you state that you are all about sustainability, and yet use other people’s resources without equal exchange of energy, you are in contradiction.

Take a good long look at the various perspectives that you have. Take the time to understand your philosophy and be willing to change what is really not working. It is the greatest investment that you could make in your life!

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