Network Marketing seems to be an evocative term for most of us. Who hasn't had a negative experience of someone pestering us to buy something that we didn't want? Anyone can be forgiven in thinking network marketing isn't for them after having these experiences.

I'm going to explore a few network marketing myths that I too believed until I was shown good network marketing practices by some of the most successful people in the industry.

Network marketing myth #1. You have to pester your friends to buy products.

Any good network marketer will tell you that it is counter productive to pester your friends into buying the products or even signing up for the business opportunity. Noone wants to feel pressured by anyone, especially by friends or family.

Successful network marketers will invite a friend to look at the information, with no attachment as to whether they will want to buy the products or take up the business opportunity. Instead we offer a way out for our friends, we release the burden by telling them that it doesn't matter to us either way whether they do or don't take up the offer, we will still be their friend.

If they say no, we might ask why and if they come up with an objection, like one of these myths, we can explain how the myth isn't true. But if they still aren't interested we release them. "Thanks for taking the time to look at it."

We might ask them again, at a later time, if they have told us something to warrant the offer again. For example, last year I asked my friend Rachel if she would like to take up this residual income opportunity. She said no she's happy in her job thanks. Last week she told me that she has resigned from her job because she doesn't have enough time at home with her family. So I call her and ask does she want to consider the residual income opportunity again.

Network marketing myth #2. Only the people at the top of the pyramid make the good money.

This myth comes from old fashioned and now illegal pyramid schemes where this was the case.

These days network marketing companies have compensation plans with a variety of bonuses and residual income levels to ensure that noone gets paid more than you for the work that you do.

Now the work is helping others to be successful, so by me helping a member of my team to create a good residual income, I too am creating a great residual income for myself. The more work I do bringing people in and supporting them to be successful too, the more successful I am.

Network marketing myth #3. Network marketing is just another way of saying sales person. You have to buy stock and sell it to people.

Network marketing is also called direct marketing. This is because you market the products for a company but everyone buys their products direct from the company.

Retail is always an option, but we all know that retail does not create a residual income. Retail is still trading your time for money, just like having a job.

Network marketing myth #4. You are making money from other people's loss down the chain.

Every good network marketer knows that to be very successful in the business you have to support your team to be successful too. If you teach your team, primarily by your example, of how to do it well, they too will be successful with you.

This is why offering the business opportunity is so important to your sucess. For the business to grow you don't just want people to buy the products regularly, you want them to pass it onto others too and earn a great income with you.

Network marketing myth #5. Once you've alienated all of your friends you need to cold call new people.

Firstly, there is no need to alienate your friends. Don't be so attached to your friends joining in. You might love to work with them. They might want to, they might not. This business isn't for everyone. Our job is to find the people who want to do it, not to persuade the people who don't!

Secondly, cold calling is an option, but it's not the best option. Once you have offered the opportunity to everyone that you know, the best way to carry on growing your business is to get to know more people! Start doing the things you love to do, meet new people who like doing the same things as you. There are many enjoyable, life affirming ways to expand your circle of friends, without subjecting yourself to cold calling.

I hope that this has clarified any myths that you might have believed about network marketing. If you have any more I'd love to hear them!

Author's Bio: 

Claire Louise Hay is a successful network marketer with Life Force International and is always open to adding to her team of successful entrepreneurs!