Some important facts about Sukuk fund
Do you have any idea about the Middle Eastern economy and its structures? Most of the investors and traders are not very well aware with that because this region was completely sided off from other developed regions due to its self-centered policy. But with the growing economic pressure and restrictions now it is not possible to live all alone and that’s why now investor have turned their face towards this region. When we talk about the investment opportunities, generally known by their Arabic name, Sukuk Fund is the most asked term by all traders and investors. This term is misunderstood much time and often incorrectly referred to as ‘Islamic bonds’, sharia-compliant, fixed-income capital markets, and many other things.

This idea of funding was purely based for Arabs and most importantly initially established exclusively in controls with majority Muslim populations. This market has progressed a lot in the coming days and now it has become a global market for sukuk opportunities for loan seekers. We see that such type of funds has seen considerable made development over the past 10 years, with a number of high-profile corporate investors and a number of rulers tapping the market for their own interest.

Well coming back towards our main topic we will try to highlight the main and major point regarding Sukuk fund and related services being catered by Dubai banks. Such kind of matters particularly comes under the financial products whose terms and structures comply with sharia. It means that there would be no interest rate and following the intention of creating returns similar to those of conventional fixed-income instruments like bonds. This is completely a different area when we compare it with conventional products running under the banner of investment baking everywhere in the world.

Misconceptions about Islamic funds;
First of all, one should be clear with the following misconception that sukuk are like other investment policies that are currently available in most of the conventional banks. This diversion starts with the account holders in UAE that were interested in Islamic banking options without interest rate system. Everywhere in the world, banking services are available with minor or major interest rate according to the types and demands of a customer. But this area that we are discussing is completely off from such obligations.

Now one has to understand the idea of an Islamic finance company that is prevailing in most of the Arab states. This system is followed by Islamic banks that are completely different from traditional or conventional banks. The major difference between these two areas is the interest rate system. First one can’t provide any services without interest rate while the later one is completely against such systems that are against the Islamic sharia policies. Majority of the population in UAE is based on expatriates and especially they are Muslims so they prefer to take the Islamic finance options rather avail other options.

Now we left with the service providers, so banks are the best funds providers for all kinds of investment plans. One can share complete banking record with a service provider that he thinks would be most suitable for him. Also, digital banking options are quite popular in this smartphone age era.

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