Although one might not label it is as such, I suspect most people have had a telepathic experience in their life. You think of someone and they call or email minutes later, or start humming a song, turn on the radio, select a station and hear the same song playing. There are many examples of mind to mind communication, and the power of sending and receiving thought, in Amazing Stories about Instincts and Intuitions, my blog site. What is interesting to note, is that the majority of these events occurred during wakened hours. Sometimes however, we pick up and have a real life exchange with other people, in our dreams. Have you ever had a telepathic dream?

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, N.L.P., the theory that most of our mental processing in on an unconscious level, and the unconscious mind represents ninety per cent of the total capacity of the human brain, are givens one acts upon. Aside from controlling autonomic nervous system functions, the unconscious mind is the repository for all memories and learned behaviors. It also activates automatic thought and action in the form of instincts and perceptions, and is the source for our night dreams. The unconscious mind is awake when we are asleep, and some believe, like radar, it has the ability to intercept the thoughts and sentiments of others. This includes being precognizant of impending danger.

In my next post I will share two premonition dreams about 9-11, that have come to my attention from people I have spoken with in the past year. Intuiting danger on a global scale, and taping into the sadistic thoughts of criminal minds, is something I consciously block. I will also share mental coaching tips if you are someone who picks up frightening information. On a lighter note here is benign telepathic dream I had. First, let me give you a little back round information.

About a year ago my friend’s daughter turned three. I knew she loved dogs, and while shopping I found her a children’s book about a little girl and her puppy that I thought she would enjoy. It especially caught my attention because the illustrations of the girl so closely resembled this child. I also found an extra treat when I went into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. They happened to have a collection of tiny; no more than three inch, stuffed animal puppies, that came with a mini leash, doggie coat, and carrier. I wanted to buy one to include with the book, but couldn’t decide which one to choose. I toyed back and forth between the black and brown German Shepherd pup, and the white Toy Poodle. Something told me to buy the white poodle…

Shortly after I delivered these gifts my friend called. His daughter was delighted because her favorite stuffed animal happens to be another mini white toy poodle, and this one was like its baby. The gifts were also timely because my friend and his wife had just given birth to their second child, and the new baby stuffed animal offered a great way for his three year old to role play.

Months later while the family was in Japan, I had this dream… Julio was with his daughters visiting another family with young children .He was holding the baby while his three year old played with an adorable little dog. She was running around squealing in sheer delight. The dog looked like some type of terrier. It was a fluffy ball of brown fur.

In an email correspondence, I included this dream, apologizing to his daughter because the puppy in my dream was brown instead of her favored color, white. The response that Julio returned was a wonderful surprise. The family I envisioned turned out to be his brother and sister in law, whom they visited daily. The girls were enjoying playing with their cousins, but the highlight in the home was their little brown terrier!

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Stephanie Rachel Alt, holds a Masters degree in Counseling/Human Development from Bank Street College of Education, New York, NY. She is also Master Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) and hypnosis. Stephanie teaches her clients to use “intuitive intelligence”, logic and reason, in daily life and decision making. She created “Of 2 Minds” Coaching and Consulting services, to offer these services; intuitive readings, intuitive coaching, conscious communication, hypnosis and NLP techniques. She also works with dream messages and dream symbolism.

Stephanie’s work experience includes leading NLP training seminars, for NLP Co-founders, John Grinder, and Judith Delozier. She is a contributing author in an NLP casebook; Leaves Before The Wind. Stephanie currently resides on the Central Coast, in California, where she maintains an office. Working with individuals, couples, families, and groups you can consult with Stephanie in person or conveniently by phone and online.