Diabetes mellitus commonly known as Diabetes is a kind of disorder in which glucose cannot be used by the body, it is the main source of energy. As insulin cannot be produced by the body, it is hormone that is required to help our cells in body to absorb and use glucose as energy. So as insulin is not available our cells the glucose in the body increases from the bloodstream, this giving rise to this condition. There are two types of diabetes, in diabetes mellitus condition the pancreas which is responsible to produce insulin does not produce it at all, and second type, diabetes mellitusII in this condition body produces insulin, but does know how to use it, this in both cases lead to accumulation of glucose in blood and increases the blood sugar level.

It is believed by the doctors that there are three causes of diabetes that are sometimes genetics, viral infections and due to some born damage to pancreas as of until research and studies. This is one of a kind of disease, which is not curable, but it can be controlled. To control this disease it is the responsibility of patient to watch out for their diet, exercise and medication. As long time effects of diabetes is very dangerous and can be fatal as well. It includes damage to kidney, heart, nerve, also vision and blood circulation problems. It also causes high blood pressure and cholesterol, dehydration and also erectile dysfunction or impotence. As diabetes causes the blood sugar level to increase thus causing damage to the blood vessel and nerve which causes erectile dysfunction as blood flow is not proper in penis and also sometimes leads to nerve damage. In research it is also proven that a diabetic person who smokes has higher risk of having erectile dysfunction.

In order to treat erectile dysfunction there is a pill called Kamagra which is a prescribed medicine which functions as an enzyme that relaxes the muscle and also increases the blood flow in penis thus leading to an erection.

It only takes about 20-40mintues of time to take effect and last up-to 4 hrs. It gives an erection and thus results in more stamina and performance during sexual-intercourse. Also apart from this better form of Kamagra is now available i.e. Kamagra Soft Tabs, it is a drug which are chewable and also comes in multi-flavor packs, also there is a jelly alternative. It is also a one of a kind anti-impotence drug which is very cheaply available in market.

As this disorder is controllable the individuals can control it by taking diabetic medications with the right amount of dosage, also it is necessary to take insulin treatment by consulting your doctor and the most important thing is to maintain the diet to follow regularly by consulting your doctor. But as the medication research is increasing day by day there will be better ways of controlling this disorder.

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I research on male sexual impairment due to erectile dysfunction. My motto is to educate impotent men about proper use of Generic Viagra and its variations such as Kamagra to get maximum benefits.