When we were born we were bright shining beacons of light and love. We came into the world wide open and trusting in everything and everyone. We had three guardian angels to watch over us and help us make sense of the world. Their names were Fear, Doubt and Judgement ( I bet you thought they would be called Love, Hope and Trust but they come later)

Fear , Doubt and Judgement helped us to identify who and what were safe in the world and they serve a very useful purpose. They helped us navigate around the people that we met. Can I trust him? Fear : Well he looks ok. Doubt: I’m not sure Judgement: Well he doesn’t look like anyone I’ve seen before so I don’t think so.

These guys operate quickly and decisively so you aren’t even aware that they are there. It has been said that over 80% of what we absorb in any encounter is not verbal but rather it is through body language, gestures and impressions. This is where Fear, Doubt and Judgement excell. They have stored away every impression that is bad or negative and they match every incoming piece of information to their catalogue, in seconds, and judge it safe or negative.

And then they run a commentary in your head reminding you of the reasons why you shouldn’t, couldn’t didn’t. weren’t or anything else.

So there we are all pristine and fesh, sparkly and shiny. Now we start absorbing information from our parents, family, family friends, church, the media, school, daycare. they all have a shot at making an impression on our being. All that bright shiny potential that we started out with becomes clouded over with doubt “‘Maybe I’m not smart enough. The teacher told me I was silly for thinking I could be a ballerina/author/songwriter/race car driver.( insert childhood dream here) So maybe I can’t” “My friends laughed at me when I told them my dreams” “Dad said only rich people get to go to University and we aren’t rich”

And as we grow our light becomes dimmer our potential remains hidden even from ourselves. The longing is still there. The passion ignites from time to time….. only to fizzle out when Fear, Doubt and Judgement raise their heads.

At some point in your life you might start to question whether Fear, Doubt and Judgement have your best interests at heart and this is the time when Love, Hope and Trust finally make their entrance. When you finally start believing in yourself they march in and take over and your life will never be the same again.

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Author's Bio: 

Caitlin Grace EFT practitioner and Wellbeing Coach.
Caitlin has been in the alternative therapy field for all of her adult life, most recently practising EFT. She is an accredited Journey therapist, Reiki level 3. EFT practitioner and Feng shui consultant.
Caitlins diving passion is to help people live their best lives through empowering them to take charge of their own wellbeing. She is a strong advocate of the mind body connection and believes we can only be truly well when we have let go of our underlying limiting beleifs.