Come monsoon, all your existing skincare stops working and in come the most common skin issues - dullness, oily skin, acne, blemishes, itchy scalp, and in some cases, even skin irritations.

There isn't a lot you can do when it comes to the basic nature of the skin on your body, face, and your scalp. However, some beauty products might help reduce the problem to a large degree.

Here are some amazing monsoon skincare finds that have changed the way we experience the rains -

1. Coffee Scrub from BFF Skincare & Fragrances - To get rid of dead skin and help your serums and moisturisers penetrate better, you need to have a good scrub handy. While I'm not a big fan of physical exfoliators because they tend to make the skin too dry and tight feeling, I love the coffee scrub from BFF Skincare.

Results -
> Leaves skin moisturised
> Didn't breakout my sensitive skin
> Made my skin super soft
> Smells heavenly, like rich coffee
> Can be used regularly as it's quite gentle


2. Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drops - If you're getting drenched in the rain, chances are that your skin is going to start breaking out. I found this KBeauty gem on the Beauty Barn website and I love it both for its anti ageing benefits and how amazing it makes my skin look during this weather. It's a blue, water based serum that absorbs quickly and leaves you with baby soft skin in the morning.

Results -
> Made fine lines around my eyes and mouth look softer within the first week
> Did not cause any breakouts
> Made skin feel super soft and baby like
> Doesn't have a smell, so no irritations
> Priced fairly on BeautyBarn


3. Prakrta Hair Spa Oil Therapy - This indie brand has to be my new favorite for hair care and they do have a bunch of amazing natural oils and moisturisers anyone with sensitive skin would love. The spa hair oil smells gorgeous and I especially love it for my dry, frizzy, and brittle curly hair. You can apply it to your monsoon damaged tresses right before you wash your hair and voila! Soft hair is here to stay.

> Smells pretty great and the smell lingers till you wash it off
> Leaves hair really shiny and tangle free
> Works as a great pre-wash treatment for damaged hair
> Good for hot oil therapy for dry hair


4. BFF Skincare Moistening Body Oil - I cannot get enough of this gorgeous body oil that is so heavenly for dry skin that it has become a staple for me. This holy grail product will get rid of your dry patches within a day. As you may know, monsoon can exacerbate dry patches and lesions on the skin, particularly from conditions like eczema and psoriasis. My psoriasis patches are all but gone thanks to this.

Results -
> Gets rid of dry patches
> Good for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
> Smells light and nice
> No skin irritations
> Quick acting, results in 1 week

BFF Hair Oil

5. Prakrta Skin Treat'Mint Oil - This oil smells like monsoon freshness with none of the skin issues that comes with it. Containing 100% coconut oil and mint, the smell dissipates after a while leaving skin soft and smooth. I love this post shower, and this would be especially good if you're used to a scrub while showering.

Results -
> Smells heavenly, & all natural
> Leaves skin fresh and non sticky
> Moisturizes skin for a long time
> Keeps dry patches as bay, particularly around the elbows and knees
> Fairly priced for a decent sized bottle

Prakrta Skin Oil

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Smriti Prabhat loves testing out skincare and tweaking her routine based on trends and seasons. She also loves natural products that don't damage the skin.

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