The inspiration of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a tournament played in Brazil named as Vale Tudo. The UFC as well as the Mixed Martial Arts have got their roots in the Olympics played in the ancient times. They have the combat sport of Pankration that was played around the 648 BC. The first competition of the UFC held in 1993. In this competition the showcase ranged from boxing to Brazilian jiu-jitsu to wrestling to Muay Thai to karate and many other styles. The most identified feature of a Ultimate Fighting Champion is the martial art that was used in a real fight. There are seven weight- divisions that fall under it and it also enforces the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

Soon with the backlash in the political system the ,Ultimate Fighting Champion underwent to reform as many stricter rules were embraced and then the sanctioning was achieved by the State Athletic Commissions.

The rules that are employed currently for the Ultimate Fighting Champion were established by the Athletic Control Board. This is also adopted by all the other states that regulated the mixed martial arts. It included many countries as well as the states. For promotion of the championships also all these were used. It has become mandatory for all the places who have adopted the rules. That is why they have become the standard as well as the professional rules for mixed martial arts across the country. By doing so it has produced many as well as famous events all around the world.

There are variations in the length of the Ultimate Fighting Champion matches and it depends upon the championship title. The championship can be on the line or not but each round can last for only five minutes. The bouts that are under Non-Championship have 3 rounds that last for 5 minutes. There is a one minute gap given between the two consecutive rounds for rest.

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