A UK visa is the approving archive that provides citizens the privilege to enter and stay temporarily and perhaps permanently in the region of the UK. While submitting UK visas to the individuals, it means they are eligible to enter in the UK with all the meeting requirements.

UK visas are issued according to the diverse categories which include:

1.UK visitor visa
2.UK work permit
3.UK Student visa
4.UK Spouse Visa
5. EEA Family Permit
6.UK visa extension

UK visitor visa:-

UK has been a lovely place for the tourists around the world over the decades. If you like travelling to the UK for tourism purposes you will likely need to apply for a visa. There are some circumstances when you do not require having a visa.

UK visa application and requirements

People intending to visit the UK need to prove that they have fulfilled the certain requirements in order to come into the United Kingdom. However, most of the tourists visit on general visitor visa and they require being over aged eighteen. In terms of visitors who are under aged 18 need to apply for child visa. UK visitor visa provided by home office is valid for six months. You have to show the eligibility to support yourself while staying in the UK. If needed, however, visa can at times be extended up to twelve months. In terms of long-term standard visitor visa, visitors must prove that they will likely need to come to the UK for holidays outing or family meetings and at the end of each visit you will leave the UK.
With regards to submitting application to visit the UK for private medical treatment, visitors must prove the statement that their physical condition requires consultation in the UK.

UK work permit:-

Having a very active and vigorous economy in the UK, people from different countries move themselves there to work. UK work visas are divided into different tiers as per the type of work a person. The most common categories of UK work visas are following:

 Tier 1 ( Entrepreneur Visa): Applicants having willingness to run a business in the UK can apply for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. However, they require having capabilities to invest £50,000 to run his business.

 Tier 2 (Skilled Worker): The tier 2 skilled worker visa allows the applicants to fill the job vacancy offered by a company in the UK.

 Tier 2(Intra company transfer): This visa is issued to the worker of the current company who have been transferred to the branch of the UK office.

 Tier 2 (minister of religion): If applicants from the European Economic Area or Switzerland have been offered a job from a faith community including minister of religion, missionary or a member of a religious order in the UK can submit their application to the UK home office to be eligible for this category.

 Tier 2(sportsmen): This visa category is issued to the elite sports people or coaches who have been endorsed by their sports’ governing body.

 Tier 5(Temporary worker): Tier 5 temporary worker visa is issued to the workers who aspire to participate in charity works, sports, creative works, religious works on a government authorized exchange or as part of an international agreement.

UK Student visa:-
The UK leads the world for its numerous regions of the education including engineering, science, arts, design, business and law. No other country in the world is as competent as the UK in terms of researching new innovations. Consequently, the UK’s reputation and legacy regarding the education research makes it appealing to the best thinkers of the world. So, people around the world intending to study in the UK are allowed to come for meeting their study purposes based on their own area. However, the educational systems of the UK give rights to the students in choosing subjects from different fields of studies.

The benefits of study in the UK

The UK possesses worldwide recognition universities with vast territories of study and a fascinating career at the end of the study. Most of educational institutions are internationally valued and recognised. However, The UK controls five per cent of the world’s scientific research and the proportion of the most cited papers publication around the world is fourteen percent. The style of educations and the study methodology provide you the freedom to be self-developed and creative in developing skills sets and confidence. Being taught by the top rated experts in the world, students have the opportunity to develop their comprehension capability resulting in extensive experiences and they can apply these knowledges to build their career after their study.

UK family visa:

UK immigration policy works to keep families together. People wishing to visit their family and settle in the UK with British citizen or settled person can apply for UK family visa.

EEA family permit:

Relatives of European Economic Area are eligible for this visa category. The EEA family permit visa provides you a permission to enter and remain in the UK.

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