If it's natural, it will be good for you and give you the best anti aging skin care, without risk and taking your health into consideration? I hate to break it to you, but that's not always true. Read on for the ugly truth about how some anti aging natural skin care products can actually make you look older and affect your health.

1. Even so-called natural can contain mineral oil

It sounds crazy, but many companies call their products natural even though they are based on mineral oil and packed with preservatives and chemicals. If you find mineral oil, often listed as petrolatum, liquid paraffin, and paraffin wax, in product's ingredient list, chances are the anti aging cream won't help your skin.

2. They can also be packed with preservatives...

Some companies think even natural products need to have a long shelf life, and therefore add preservatives into their skin creams. However, many of these preservatives that give skin care products a long shelf live are also known carcinogens (cancer causing agents!) I'd rather avoid them than play with my health.

3.... and fragrances.

What's wrong with a product that smells nice? Nothing else than that it can cause you cancer. Your skin will absorb the substances you apply on it, fragrances too. It's better to apply a few drops of a good perfume on your wrist than to apply it all over your body.

4. Some are just ineffective

If you're lucky enough to avoid the toxic ingredients found even in anti aging natural skin care products, you still might be disappointed because the cream just doesn't work - you are still looking older than you should. That's because many companies will put just a little bit of the natural ingredients into their creams to save money. Let's face it - the effective natural substances are expensive.

To avoid the high cost, some companies will try to trick you with minuscule amounts of these substances, that in theory will do you good, but in such tiny amounts won't help you at all.

I hope I didn't scare you or put you off anti aging natural skin care products altogether though! There are many companies that are good, respectable and trustworthy and actually bring you the best anti aging skin care around.

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