Chariots of fire in the sky written about in the Old Testament. How did Moses get the Ten Commandments? A radio wave beam of information hitting a tablet is able to carry and produce an anomaly that could be interpreted as a phenomenon. How would this be interpreted by a person ages ago that knew no technology of an electronic fashion? Is it God speaking? Who delivered the pillar of salt blow over Sodom and Gomorrah? Clearly if Dogon tablets or pre Dogon records have tablets of space craft etched into them with information given by the Extra Terrestrial visitors then there is the beginnings of misinformation in the bible about space craft being God. If David and Goliath was a caricaturization story of the very tall beings visiting Earth that became mythology (which really is the soap opera of world history that speaks of beings thousands of years ago in incorrect myths when it includes information about ancient time periods). In the same manner that the flower of life from the baobab tree symbol and then the Egyptian lily degraded to the cross of the crusade shields much later so diluted became the true stories that the misinformed governments and religious institutions of the past ages brought forth through fear having contributed to power glutton DNA sequences that reached the population. What happened during the reign of Akhenaton? Was there any UFO intervention in affecting the decision to destroy the city or Armana erected to worship one God? Were any of the Pharaohs or priests influenced by extra terrestrial observers through Egyptian history to dismantle a dynasty? Was it always man who failed to maintain evolved mind through the great eras of progress or was any extra terrestrial politics involved in influencing the minds of the rulers? Pharaohs had craft that engaged them illuminating heiroglyph language to communicate, used them to lift or levetate some of the stones for they great pyramid structures, to cut the blocks very evenly to amplify the minds during locust and other insectoid raids on an enemy, to create hunger for a community by whiping out their food less common, small desert areas created or to evaporate water stores the whiping out of a community has been documented where suddenly they dissapeared totally anhialated. You need high level technology to do that. So since ancient times UFO's have come and gone and so have magnificent civilizations.

UFO sightings did not stop (and excellent archive of information is where even the Catholic Church has admitted that the presence of UFO’s is real. So perhaps the crumbling of the false altars of worship is finally at hand if people understand the phenomenon greater instead of erecting religions that prayed to a UFO delivering an information stream as God. More governments are adding to the collection of released previously classified files that are letting the public know that the phenomenon exists.

Why are the UFO’s still visiting earth? Some beautiful crop circles representative of Earth’s heritage of mind is evidently left in many locations of the world. Consequently they are not ET symbols to decipher; our own geometrical, biological mathematical and other gifts of science and ancient, historical repository are imprinted into the circles. Why would more be given if the population does not understand the basic information that these formations represent? Like a trivial pursuit puzzle, clues to our own genius are left sitting in the fields. Who is creating crop circles? The grey race. They have identified themselves on the fields showing their face and body and they are not Pleiades's of Andromeda though they also have observed Earth and are of a completely different genetic lineage closer to humanity but much taller. Not unlike the tall Egyptian statues portrayed in our history. From my own observations here is the gray consciousness as I have collected data I have been shown: A great brain that uses the mid brain and cerebellum where humanity uses their cortexes more and the cortexes are slower at processing information except during intense study or higher focus work. This does not usually change till humanity educates themselves, learns how to trance and learns how to rotate objects dimensionally to use the higher brain centers more. That is the secret of crop circles; they are meant to rotate the symbols as if the picture was three - D and four - D like the hypercube. What this does is opens the ability for humanity to read all information faster and to use faster processing areas of the brain. This is taught in Blue Matrix Energetics Quantum Mind Tech tools.

Gathering of data about the evolution of consciousness on Earth is there from the sophisticated technology that benevolent visitors possess. In understanding a basic principle of zero point field energy that is free energy in the future written about and sought after the basic engineering of any appliance in the future is a rotational motor that compresses the unlimited free space around it in a vacuum and runs off this zero point or near zero point field. In the extra terrestrial space craft department a similar engine that has the propulsion component added is utilized harnessing the same technology. Please see the article Extra Terrestrial seeding: What it means for more information.

In order to 'run a person' the Greys must accomplish an autonomic nervous system snare. The people who are most susceptible are those who feel guilty and need forgiveness easily and those quick to anger who feel bad later those who are hooked into pornography and those who are afraid and start to come apart emotionally. The UFO interview on the main page has an example of a sympathetic snare in the nervous system of the interview host and the woman listening where there is almost a heart murmur heard and the voice breaks. So they can use a person at a cafe where they are implanted and tune into you to run you for a moment while you feel sleepy and then get up to do something that they had not anticipated doing. This is accomplished with their ship present and the change in field is noticeable if your brain is not slow as molasses. Most of the public if they have not taught themselves how to rotate images holographically (see articles I wrote around this on they don't notice subtle energy shifts easily and can be run without even knowing it. If they have you sympathetic on another who is heavy it is not uncommon for weight gain to occur. Where they are impeding on sovereignty is desiring some in the healing circles to know anther's autonomic system so that they can have more compassion or effectiveness healing them. This is back wards for no one is to be so sympathetic that they over tune into another person or you have a codependent society. Why is this occurring? Lack of care for the Earth in many ways with a shutting down for the higher consciousness of people of earth over thousands of years a repetitive pattern. If a being is not shut down in higher consciousness then there is less likelihood hood of being 'run' on any level.

It is normal to read something high level and to feel sleepy or to sit in a workshop and feel that as the brain changes and the higher consciousness wakes up in a sovereign state because the participant accepts the teaching and is evolving in ways that the consciousness is not split but moving towards unification. This can cause slight detox feelings in the body and sluggishness for a few days and is normal. If you fall sleepy under a ship visiting and it occurs out of the blue under normal day to day activities then there is reason to suspect being run if you come out of it with a 'new idea about what to do...and you better like what you are directed to do or not do it. Meaning is it in coherence with your sovereign desire the activity? If not it is implanted and you may say; I do not desired to be used in this way. They are uncomfortable when the person wakes up and says no this is against my sovereignty. There is no herd of blind sheep then or worse the blind leading the blind. There are craft observing in faster dimensions than these silver disk ships fly in and anything interstellar had better respect your sovereignty. The faster dimensional ships are sovereign loving and do observe what is occurring so not all UFO activity is here to control or run the mind for their agendas. Where the UFO activity has controlled too much or attempted some control in the enlightened study society is to look at the Earth's events and to create more subtle sympathetic guilt or fear based programs such as the intimidation of cataclysms or other prophecies of doom so that people are called to action in dreams or visions with Grey present in them. Neutral assessment that gathers data to create the best decisions are a higher consciousness attitude.

High wireless concentration in places like the libraries and internet cafes are very popular UFO spying places as they have the same wave of information they can impact you with from the belly of the ship that the technology used at those places provides. I have seen many spied on there in terms of what they are studying and what they are 'encouraged' to do there.

If the grey's Roswell bodies were real or some of the other variance in shape then it makes sense that if they used to use a direct sympathetic snare then that is why some had fat thighs and bellies; sympathetic with a heavier person on earth? I've notices that they now use people implanted to do the job instead and some have also gained weight or changed their genetic weight distribution of body type. The hook up can be seconds of movement over another's consciousness. Where the hook up is too ling the person can change the body mass and structure with the invasion of their body. It is not sovereignty if the being does not consent to the invasion. This is not permitted in Blue Matrix Energetics.

What has occurred in our history as mentioned before is that there has been a rise and fall of civilizations where the ET craft have visited engaged some of the locals and when they messed up left for the locals to engage each other sometimes in war where races appeared wanting to befriend Egypt and knowing some of the information yet were not the original reincarnated people. There is something to be said of the Memphis bulls story that historians totally misunderstood and did not see the ridicule of deteriorating genetic pools that were engaged by ET assisted consciousness making fun of the decline in worship communicating through implanted locals or visitors in an effort to bring up the consciousness level there. What was the mess in Memphis where seventy kings reigned for seventy days? Most of the information about his period is missing. So when the ET's flee when things go wrong dejected for some reason and the locals left in unfinished projects cannot complete what was set out the dynasties continued to decline and that has been some of the problems with different civilizations where the information was re seeded and failed to last. We are at another such point in history being on the brink of modern medicine advancing quickly, Hollywood populations rising in activism and other countries growing in consciousness with. Nations are moving away finally from nuclear power; that is progress in consciousness. So there needs be a respect of the human sovereign autonomic system function especially once the being takes off in potential for tethering them to another is an inertia causing delay for total sovereign empowerment of the Creator within. Tricks like moving people around through associative memory that recalls a baited past are not welcome in leadership over our population and in the rest who are endeavoring to grow in consciousness when those worked with are uncontrollable for some reason. I remember there was a lot of ET craft during the Memphis bull time and Saqqara was a place where Serapes ruled and was engaged by the visitations. Its too bad that some new age people still worship Serapes as a deity or 'guided in the light' for that blocks the codex from providing the key to see the true story.

How much of the so called secret government was created by UFO intervention of an interstellar nature that played the fears and the hopes of the people involved? If a UFO sighting was at and then engineers build the whole anti gravity and propulsion system later what are the chances of ET study and intervention to share some schematics with the engineer to build the craft? I viewed a documentary on this subject by a US engineer who had created such a craft and admitted that it had been hidden from the public. If someone had engineering skills and schematics from those extra terrestrial visitors that watched the prodigy mind forming a little seasoning of advanced engineering schematics would not be difficult to slide into the brain without much disturbance through a small implant and a wave of information hitting it.

New age information may have been affected and occurred from people studied and visited who did not understand the nature of the information without dogmatizing it. Many of us who have studied and created our enlightened state from years of schooling, observation and self development understand that the optimal state is self evolution with as little interference as possible honoring the observer becoming a great mind in sovereignty. Fear of UFO phenomenon does not need to exist if the public is informed and knows that an educated, sovereign mind is the best ally to a fearless self and those who we may meet in our future adventures. Among some of the symbols crop circles endeavor to teach is the flower of life symbol as the geometry of the zygote forming in various representations and all mathematics that are explanatory of the architectural structures of the ancients which had the knowledge that humanity forgot. The decline of architectural detail inclusive of this and box like structures to live in is indicative of the decline of consciousness.

What is necessary to understand the grey alien profile and behavior: They have engineered themselves with a very high functioning mid brain and use their cerebellum. They have a pod like mind that ensures the enactment of their objectives as a unified body and they have observed consciousness over Earth's population through the ages. Unfortunately they have also over parented and interfered with sovereignty at times, conducted medical experiments, studied the reproductive system causing harm to many people as their genetics are not able to process the intensity of the human, emotional sexual experience. Some of the visitors have not shown equal respect to the reproductive enjoyment of women and understand the manipulation of genetics if the female is subdued and the male is more aggressive in his response in earth's population. They do ironically revere the old Goddess teachings about genetic lines and engineering that created their root races thousands of years ago. Some have supported that this knowledge comes back in these times in studying and engaging us. Others of them have worked neutrally to support consciousness with excellence in observation techniques and the support of consciousness.

So the crop circle phenomenon is our strength in this fact: humanity has a greater genetic brain especially in the area of the cerebellum used by the God consciousness within. It is the autonomic function of heartbeat, digestion, elimination and multiple streams of information to run the body. Thus this area of the brain can handle high band light impulse of information in addition to running these processes and is the enlightenment area that the soul also uses to communicate with the human. For the soul has a record of many lifetimes running bodies and knows what the being is in a record of all of that and in running the body at an optimal level of degraded if the consciousness is splitting into analytical, slow though of the cortexes that is not in line with the objective of understanding and decoding language of light and sound and mathematical precision of symbols all around us in history science and even architecture that is a reminder of our microcosm of the macrocosm in unified consciousness that is the understanding of what the genetic platform we inherited is capable of. Where the Greys have society by the balls is if doctors and scientists do not understand fully how the consciousness uses the brain and nervous system. That is when the abuse and intimidation has occurred by some of them in populations of people who have tuned out their knowingness and mass consumed programs that have kept them satiated, tuned out from dealing with their emotions and included sexual perversion, violence, excessive commercialism for profit without education or thought for our preservation and destruction of the eco harmony on our planet. They have coded in the crop circles much information most from our own genetic and consciousness archive that they have studied for thousands of years to wake up humanity. This however is in contrast to too much liberty in intimidation tactics and genetic attempted manipulation that is not great as they do not experience human intimacy emotions and are more detached and withdrawn from the intimacy depth during sexuality. This is a paradox as they wield genetic information to us in crop circles and have over delegated to us in some contact reported by earth's citizens.

In addition some have reported that they met people from the silver small craft that create the crop circles and identify themselves with the grey body presence in some of those circles. Ones they met were humans and talked of the Pleiadian or Andromedan origins. What is obvious if one knows the implantation systems that they run (the bowel and up the nose implants are run by the Greys) they are capable of implanting a human and transmitting a higher vibrational message that makes that human appear 'alien'. This is simply an implanted human being! They are not Andromedan or Peliadian if they associate themselves with the small, silver craft necessarily. Those beings from other star systems or galaxies have a much higher technological, prowess in folding space time than the small silver disks. Greys are shy and easily intimidated out of their group and fearful of humanity as we have been warlike however there is an arrogant possessiveness that is there over their projects if they are interfered with and they have intimidated to harm and then used soothing programs to trance and subdue. Whitley Striber's books have more in-depth reports on his experiences with this race of beings. Many new age visions have been implanted information by them that have appeared as beings angels or other phenomenon which may occur naturally if the higher brain centers are open otherwise it is implanted to get the brain going to see images they can send and that has been the new age problem for the last century dividing science from spirituality. Why such beautiful crops circle information and such weak human engagement? Somewhere their observer and their brains processing us and engaging us are still not bridging a huge communication gap.

In order to end the false altar phenomonon it is really necessary for the grey ET's to stop overparenting humanity with their little games of pitting children agains their own parents at times because the ET's feel they know better. This has also been done behind husbands and wives back co workers etc. Where the ET's observing an individual may feel they know better what is in the best interest for that individual. Problem with that is it is not a sovereign human supporting model respecting loving parents enough without the opinion of the ET's sometimes overriding the reality for an individual. One of the weaknesses of these beings is the tendency to overparent humanity amongst some of them working with the human population. For example a thought stream may be sent to an individual overriding another person's concept idea that the individual may have embraced or the being is simply moved off of it subtly. That is mind control that I do not support. Earth belongs to humanity and we do not need to be parented by the greys. Respectful observance really is much more considerate of our own social and spiritual development as humanity coming into its own evolution of consciouness.

I have observed triangular craft that move in a flipping, rotational manner and glow. These do not fly in the same pattern as the silver disks. They have three lights on the base of the craft usually appear almost black and very flat. They have been reported over Russia quite often. These are able to project a very powerful field over about half a mile and the reality in that area can change instantly subtly affecting the mind without much intrusion; like a parallel shift in consciousness occurring. They have stealth like quality as then 'sneak up' on an area.

Interesting were two craft that hovered side by side that were dark and looked like stacked globes; one with two and another with three. These did not fly as they spun like the silver disks and then disappeared completely without flight.
Human brain potential is greater than the grey's as we have inherited it because of our biological gift of procreation and anatomical inheritance not unlike the people of enlightened civilizations of our history. We are approaching an age where free zero point field energy and our own anti gravity propulsion systems are around the corner. All this is already posted on the internet by those building small models in their basements and hidden labs. Free energy is simply a rotary engine that compresses space time from the area around the object or what some have called the 'ether' in early times and running the appliance off that field which is free as it is all around us. This is how the principles of Blue Matrix Energetics Merkaba works as that is part of the crop circle teachings; all symbols and technology are based on physics that our own God self runs as our energy field that the Egyptians and pre dynastic people revealed in all their art and hieroglyphs. Formulas for free energy and anti gravity have been given for years in the crop circle formations through the times where humanity has still chosen to build nuclear power plants and supported coal factories. Can you see the lack of respect for those with greater brains observed by those with less genetic means instructing us through crop circles? So once free energy is understood the false altars of the new age will fall as they have no scientific leg to stand on at all and will not be likely to attract government or the scientific community's support without some insecurity. Energy science is inclusive of this understanding and will likely replace all new age forms of belief systems as the new age has greatly replaced religious belief systems. Such has been the logical progress at the most base understanding.

In countries where religion is still influencing the population and crimes against humanity are still being enacted there is more potential for a lag in global consciousness becoming cohesive technologically. If any of those countries want the quantum computing global information highway they had better educate themselves out of religion which is in contradiction with the free energy model due to the quality of a hierarchy structure that points to the necessity to worship a higher source or God away from the God within that uses the higher brain centers or is 'emptying of all' without the creation of the new and without equal reverence for women. All religions have missing information because of the adherence to old outdated texts without enough inclusion of the God self of their disciples to contribute new information. That is why churches, temples, mosques all still use the same, outdated texts that are incomplete as many were recorded by disciples of great teachers in inaccuracy.

Most embarrassing is the violence of the Old Testament and the subservient role to women that the New Testament provides. What is the difference between this in modern times and the cutting off of female genitalia still preformed in many countries? The female is not treated equally in Christian texts and that is not permission for free energy to be engaged on an equal level by religion in may circles by the female. Ever wonder why so many physicists are male? Women's studies replacing the Lord’s Prayer are a logical move; they contain a lot of the answers that society has not even begun to see that the female genetic code has been burdened with. Little boys and girls both play equally unless they are educated out of their natural, higher consciousness unburdened. If there are arguments that our environment affects our DNA then certainly it may be understood that so does education in maintaining a more flimsy expression of sovereignty. One cannot see the paradox with a lower abstract reasoning faculty and in the western countries this inequality is not seen as much as in the rest of the world.

Some craft arrive over spiritual events, implant the teachers, hold a field to amplify the teacher’s energy and leave after the event. Occasionally they visit the teachers during meaningful focus. That is the problem with the new age guide and angel dogma; these practitioners and teachers don't know it is a UFO arriving to 'help uplift.' I did not like the energy of the up the nose implants they used commonly for this type of activity and rejected some of the training I got and evolved my own energy work. Results were far less detoxifying symptoms on the body getting rid of the implants they used. Some don't use this primitive technology and have safer more subtle resources that have no side effects; any clearing symptoms are the body's own from energy work.

Note: A highly reflective mirror like surface is able to deflect a beam from the belly of small craft revealing it. This may also be helpful for any privacy issues where there is heavy craft activity that one does not desire to be engaged.


Study the hypercube and learn the spatial dimensional rotations which also help children to learn mathematics. If you are a crop circle fan learn to rotate these with your brain to decode the information. Results may be checked against what is called sacred geometry information that is scientific only; mathematics, physics checks biology checks, ancient architecture and astronomy. Many articles I have written are there to assist in decoding the information.

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