Ubund, an Innovative and Forward Lifestyle, Unites Community to Save Together!
By Wendy Li
"I find my lifelong purpose through Ubund."
"Ubund innovates methods of spending."
"Ubund help me cope with COVID-19 with reductions of medical bills."
You may have heard or read some of those statements above, and wonder what is Ubund and why its prevalence matters. 
Bear with me, and I guarantee you will get all of your questions answered throughout this article. 
Mission and Values:

Ubund.co is a FinTech startup founded in San Francisco, CA. The company was founded to bring purchasing powers back to consumers and educate them financially to make wise investment decisions. 
One of its founders, Ivan, has dedicated himself to investments and finance for decades. He has an exceptional vision for capital markets and investable opportunities. However, while achieving remarkable work performance, he realizes a prominent issue within the business community, which is a lack of financial education and consumers' buying power. 
Ivan helps the management of large companies restructure their debt and notices how crucial financial education is to make intelligent business decisions. And a small negligence yields major financial impacts. In the meantime, he notices the asymmetry of information in the market causes millions and millions of consumers to lose negotiation powers, face debt loads, and become absolute price takers. With those purposes in mind, Ubund was born with a refreshing and innovative concept. 

Functions and Applications:

Ubund wants to help millions of consumers reduce their bills/liabilities, receive financial education and, better manage their finances, and ultimately build a promising financial future. The unique business model of Ubund brings drastic changes to consumers' buying and saving powers. The company aggregates groups of consumers and utilizes mass-purchasing and prepayment strategies to achieve massive discounts for their monthly bills. Before Ubund, consumers took prices of the markets and had no negotiation powers at all to yield lower prices. But with the help of Ubund, they can regain their buying powers and influence purchase prices. The end outcome is enjoying high-quality goods and services while saving a fortune. 
Ubund offers a variety of products on its website, ranging from Media, Communication, Healthcare, Education to Technology. The company has established strong partnerships with businesses to construct a price-friendly environment for consumers to exercise their powers and save. Some of the examples are Netflix Premium, Xfinity Subscriptions, Carbonite, Stanford Medicine, Real Estate Express, etc. You will find all kinds of products there, and Ubund makes sure you will get the best and lowest prices for all of your purchases. The best part of all is as you invite more friends to join you, you will get even better discounts and unlimited benefits. 
You will also find useful resources for handling personal finance problems on the website. It divides into four sections of contents: Saving, Investing, Taxes, and Debt. Ubund invites finance experts to share their experiences and help consumers manage heavy debt loads, make investment decisions, and build up personal savings. While you are window-shopping the products, be sure to check all of the great articles there and enhance financial knowledge! 
Impact and Changes:

Ubund is created to give a place to belong for all consumers, to build a community for self-help with finance and to provide the main outlet for consumers where every purchase will be made through Ubund in order to yield the maximum negotiating power on behalf of the consumers. So far, Ubund has helped thousands and thousands of individuals find their desired products, enjoy those at the lowest prices and together bring forward perspectives into the community. 
We are stronger and safer when we are together. We belong!

Author's Bio: 

I am an editor at Ubund, a platform that consolidates consumer power and helps reduce the monthly bills of consumers.