The car services market is currently considered one of the biggest and most profitable in the entire world and that stems from the fact that people in general are always searching for a good car service in time of need. Middle-class families, single parents, starting entrepreneurs, college students and even celebrities and some society figures are the ones who are regarded as main customers for the most popular car services companies at the moment. And of course when we mention car services we can't by any means skip mentioning Uber and Careem, both of which are the biggest - ever - companies in the field when it comes to car rides and authentic, daily car journeys. The launch of Uber years ago was met with positive feedback and though the company took its time in order to sink into people's daily routines, Uber is now playing a vital part of many lives out there. It's the safest, fastest and most trustworthy car service you can ask for in 2020.

The main goal of Uber revolves around the idea of providing an easy access to car rides at all times and with only one click. Fortunately, the established company has managed to successfully achieve and maintain its main goal. With the Uber app, people's daily road journeys have become more easy and affordable. Just with a touch of a button, you can summon the nearest Uber car and get immediately to where you want to be! The big car-services brand is utilized and benefited from daily by millions of people around the globe, whilst developers and officials at the Uber group are continuously exerting loads of effort, money and time in order to enhance and expand the Uber services - car services, food services, ...etc - and guarantee the highest possible quality and level of safety for both customers and drivers alike.

Careem, on the other hand, is what we can call the twin service of Uber that has managed to achieve palpable success too in the Middle East countries. The internet-based, car-services brand of Careem is very popular and rapidly growing, and the ride-hailing service has also caught the attention of millions of people in different countries in Asia and Africa. The Middle Eastern car services platform is undeniably one of the biggest ever and its main approach to initiating such a unique brand revolves around the same idea of Uber: to make car services the easiest and most trusted and to bring to life a whole lot of possibilities and opportunities. Careem was established in 2012 and it's now highly successful and is serving millions of people on a daily basis in 120 cities across 15 countries.

Both of Uber and Careem managed to accomplish an unprecedented level of success through presenting the masses with a whole range of trustworthy and fast car rides and daily road trips. Both brands are working hard to present more services revolving around easing transportation, payments and delivery.
In addition to the above, the safety of their drivers is a priority for Uber and Careem. The well-known services can't risk their reputation by not providing the best possible and highest safety measures and features designed to accompany drivers at all times. For example, Uber takes the issue of the driver's safety very very seriously and that's why over the years a lot of measures and features have been introduced to keep Uber drivers as safe as possible; one of the app features enables the driver's family to monitor his road journey online so that if anything happens out of a sudden, family members can be able to alert either the company or the authorities.

Furthermore, the feedback and ratings of customers play an important role in enhancing the quality of car services provided by Uber and Careem. Both brands have been initiated from the start to make daily trips and road journeys more easy, more quick and available at all times of the day, and that's why the customer's experience must be upgraded every now and then based on the annual reports and regular reviews stemming from the entire base of customers of Uber and Careem collectively.

The success of Careem in the Middle East region however has been attracting the attention of Uber for quite some time now and that's why both brands have been trying to join forces since the first quarter of 2019. Bringing both car-hailing services together will potentially be a marvelous idea! Instead of having each brand functioning on its own and trying to lure as many customers as possible, Uber and Careem decided that a joint branding of their versatile car services can indeed be a massive step ahead.

It has been almost a year since the negotiations with Careem started back in 2019, and reportedly Uber has successfully completed the deal by the start of the new decade and Careem is now part of the overall Uber brand. Uber has acquired Careem in an attempt to provide the Middle East region / countries with a bigger bundle of opportunities and services. The fact that each of Uber and Careem is extremely growing and expanding in the eastern part of the world alludes only to the reality that the Middle East is taking its digital economy and mobility markets to a whole new level of unprecedented expansion and growth.

Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, admitted that joining forces with Careem is unquestionably a big step towards flooding the Middle East with the much needed and required car-hailing services for the people's sake and benefits. The important deal between the two brands will help strengthen and solidify both platforms in varied parts of the world; and whilst Uber is totally functional and continuously thriving in different countries around the world, Careem has managed to create and maintain a solid foundation in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco and United Arab Emirates. التسجيل في اوبر

It's 100% undeniable that both car services and ride-hailing brands have helped change the future of urban and international mobility; the big and increasing fan base of both Uber and Careem is the clearest indication that these successful businesses have accomplished their main goals of making people's daily lives and routines more easy and quick by providing 24/7 varied car rides and trusted road journeys - that'll not only save your time but also your money!

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