Not one person on this planet wants to experience infected by yeast. With all the irritation on the skin and the on going itching sensation making yeast infection become one of many avoided diseases by people since a long time ago. In this article, you will discover easy yet extremely effective and affordable cures that work extremely fast. Many yeast treatments out there only giving temporary relief but the infection will recurring again because the root that causes this infection was not treated well.

There are many medications available for people nowadays, but most of them, if not expensive, they are not giving the best solution for the treatment itself. Modern medications are faster, and expensive when compare to traditional one. But if currently you don’t have enough money to treat yourself or someone that infected by yeast, there are other alternatives. One alternative is by trying to use traditional home remedies for curing the yeast infection.
Yeast infection remedies for women

There are yeast infection remedies for women that can be used if you don’t have enough money to heal yourself of this infection. Below are some materials you can use to cure the yeast infection.

First, you can try to use garlic. Why garlic? It is because garlic carries base material where the Candida albicans, the bacteria that cause yeast, cannot stand the essence that garlic produces. It is killing the bacteria. You need to make a paste from the garlic and rub it around the infected area. After you do this, you will feel a burning sensation around those rubs area for a while, but it is OK. You need to do this couple times a day, preferably after bathing. Other methods of using garlic are by wrapping it with dry cotton cloth or by using cheesecloth, and insert it into your vagina. After around half an hour, you can pull the cloth using a string you tie to the cloth before you inserted it.

Other method you can try is by using yogurt. Using yogurt to cure yeast infection is proven extremely effective. You can try to put some yogurt on a tampon and insert it into your vagina. Other method is by using a spoon. You can insert the yogurt into your vagina using a little spoon. To add effectiveness to the medication, you also advises to eat lots of yogurt too as this can help to clean the bacteria from within your body.

The next thing is by using tea tree oil. This oil is proven to be one among many effective solutions, and it is found that tea tree oil is the most used material when compare to other yeast infection remedies for women mentioned above. For faster result, put the tree oil on a tampon after which you can insert it into your vagina. You can also mix it up with olive oil or almond oil. Please consult this with your physician if you are pregnant.

These three methods are the most effective to cure yeast infection, and it is also well-known to be the most use yeast infection remedies for women until today, just try this yourself, remember to consult this with your physician first before you apply all these methods above.

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Irna Zuffeni is a medical staff that experience in yeast infection disease for more than three years now. Currently she works at local hospital in her city to help those with this infection problem. In today article, Irna is writing about various yeast infection remedies for women or you can just go to her site at