The types of underwear for women seen in the market today are more than a dozen and still increasing. The different designs and material of the innerwear are meant to suit different personalities, different body types and occasions. Below is an outline and discussion of the most common types of women’s underwear that will make you spoilt for choice.

There a different types of briefs, such as underwear, boxer or bikini briefs and they are lightweight and comfortable undergarments that provide significant coverage. They can, therefore, be worn for everyday use. The only disadvantage is that most of them tend to show the panty line under the top outfits.

Seamless underwear-
Panty lines are unattractive and they invite unwanted attention, to the point of forcing some women to go commando. Seamless underpants of whatever type are now the best women’s underwear for the ladies who don’t want to show the world what they have down there. They are made of lightweight and elastic material such as silk or satin that makes it hold in place without the need for seams.

Boy shorts-
Men’s outfits meant for women have always been there, giving the ladies an advantage over men. These include t-shirts, shirts, pants and even underpants. They are now becoming the vogue for women who want to look confident and independent. Boy shorts resemble male boxer briefs in design but their legs are shorter such that they only extend less than an inch below the crotch.

Thongs are for those who want to be a bit naughty as they scantily cover your rear and the crotch. They feature a waistband and a narrow strip of fabric extending from the front to the rear where it slightly enlarges.

These are even naughtier than thongs as they feature a thin string instead of a waistband and only a triangle of fabric for the crotch. They are for those who want to go commando but have groin covered by some piece of cloth. The main advantage of thongs and G-strings is that you are able to avoid panty lines.

These have the design of a thong but they have more generous v-shaped fabrics for the crotch and rear coverage.

Hipster underwear looks like a combination of bikini and boyshorts. They extend down the hips unlike ordinary underwear and the waistband also extends up to cover the hips.

Similar to hipsters, bikini underpants sit at your hip level but they have wider leg holes because the side fabrics are narrower. Bikinis also have more revealing rear coverage.

French cut underwear –
This classic innerwear differs from a classic brief in that it does not fully cover the hips. Their leg holes are higher cut and thus by covering only the upper part of the hips, they facilitate better air circulation compared to your regular underpants. They are therefore better suited to high waist jeans.

Waist shapewear-
These are for women who want to shape up. They extend all the way up the waist, shaping the hips and tummy.
Whatever type of innerwear you decide to go for depending on the day, occasion or your body type, you should follow this buyer’s guide for women’s underwear to ensure that you get quality undergarments.

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