When you go shopping for Oakville windows and doors, you will come across different options that can fit your home style and within your budget. Each style of window is specifically designed to offer a certain characteristic and appeal to your home.

However, with the tone of replacement doors and windows out there, many homeowners find themselves at crossroads trying to choose which style fits their home. We got your back. Here are different Oakville windows styles you could consider in your next project. Take a gander.

Single Hung Windows

These windows operate vertically. However, the bottom sash moves down and up while the upper panel/sash remains stationary. This implies that on opening the window, the upper sash gets covered on the inside.

Double Hung Windows

This one resembles single hung windows, only that in this type, both upper and lower sash is operable. Unlike single-hung Oakville windows, the sashes in double-hung windows can be tilted out for easy cleaning. Due to some advantages of double hung windows over single hung windows, the former costs higher.

Arched Windows

As the name suggests, these Oakville windows are designed with rounded tops that are great for enhancing the architectural style of the home. In most cases, these types of windows are fixed windows and as such, they or usually used above standard windows such as casement windows to offer ventilation. However, some open just like casement windows.

Awning Windows

If you live in regions that experience a lot of rainfall, then it would be better if you go for awning replacement windows. These windows are designed to open from the bottom and to the outside. As such, you can open them to get a fresh breeze while raining. They are mostly used in kitchens.

Bay Windows

These are architectural design windows thanks to how they are built. They extend from the exterior wall to create a small space in the interior of your home. They depend on a flat window set into an angled from constructed out of the home.

Due to their complicated style, these windows are expensive to install; the installation usually costs more than the window units themselves.

Bow Windows

These Oakville windows are pretty much the same in design as bay windows. They depend on custom curved windows that come up with a circular expanse along the exterior of the wall. Based on the number of panels you intend to use for creating the curved bow window, the price could vary and sometimes exceed that of bay windows. The installation cost for these windows is also higher than the price of the windows themselves.

Casements Windows

These are common window types among homeowners. The window sash is suspended vertically with hinges on the frame and opens horizontally. The windows normally come with two window sashes, one on the left and the second one on the right. These are mostly affordable windows and that is why they are most preferred.

Egress Windows

These windows are all about providing safety for your home. Security comes first then other things. They offer an escape way in case of an emergency such as fire.  In some states, it is a law to have egress windows in your home.

Garden Windows

These are basically called mini-bay windows and are specially meant for plants. They got their name from the fact that they are like small greenhouses that extend from your home.

Glass Block Windows

These window types are mostly termed accents. They are installed to a home’s section in order to boost the flow of light. In most cases, glass block Oakville windows are frosted or decorated with a patterned design, which offers both light and privacy. You will find these windows installed in basements, bathrooms, and other areas where privacy is key. They can cost up to $1000 per window unit.

Hopper Windows

This style of window opens from the top and crack open. They are mostly preferred where there is little space and that is why you will often find them in bathrooms and basements. These windows also offer the best insulation since they seal well against the frame when well closed. They are available in different colors but the most dominant color is white.

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