There is an incredible number of different games and just as many genres. As with literature, it is much more fun to consume a game when it suits your tastes. For a beginner, finding your way through this real jungle can be complicated, luckily Hablamos de Gamers will help you see more clearly with gaming guides.

Platform games: Surely the most famous family of games: you just have to think of Mario and Sonic to get an idea of ​​the kind of game we are talking about. They are generally very colorful adventures alternating phases of combat (against a nasty boss) and phases of progressions (running, jumping, climbing, exploring a map, etc.).

It is one of the most evolved types of games and remains at the forefront of inventiveness. It must be said that Mario and Sonic had to accept other heroes in their territories! From Crash Bandicoot (on Playstation 1) to Rayman, the platform game remains the champion of home consoles and portable consoles for its fun and playful aspects. It is therefore ideal for a young audience.

FPS: These are the shooting games with a first-person view. First democratized on PC, FPS is now essential for home consoles. For the sake of realism, they tend to make the most of the graphics capabilities of console processors and PCs.

Since the very famous Counter-Strike (CS for close friends), it is a genre that has become massively generalized and which takes place as much in futuristic, historical, or even contemporary universes. It's a thrill-seeking genre that can occasionally feature shocking content. It is therefore rather reserved for more mature players.

The RPG: The Role-Playing Game is inspired by the famous Dungeons and Dragons franchise. Nevertheless, it is the large Japanese video game firm (Square Enix, for example, to which we owe the authorship of the Final Fantasy series) that have established themselves as a reference in this environment.

These are games in which the player must play as a hero whose destiny is often to save the world in which he evolves. An RPG often features a universe filled with magic or technology (or both), an evolution of the main character (in power and style of play), and above all, a sought-after story spanning several hours of play.

Survival Horror: Popularized by the strange series of "Alone In The Dark" then by "Bio Hazard", better known under the name "Resident Evil", Survival Horror is a kind of horror game alternating monstrous encounters and puzzles to solve. Everything is offered with sufficiently worked scenarios so that they are then exploited by Hollywood. It's a thrill-giving genre that can, on occasion, feature shocking content.

Infiltration/espionage: It is a subgenre derived from FPS. Except that it is no longer a question of becoming a war machine, but of discretely infiltrating complexes and other strategic military locations. If the Metal Gear Solid series was the precursor, a whole range of games now takes up the canon of the genre.

Reflex, Puzzle, Detective: These are games mainly designed to stretch your brains. Some endearing titles succeed in developing a universe and a story, going well beyond the simple puzzle game. It is a genre that was first very present on PC and which seems to have a bright future ahead of it on portable consoles. This type of game will delight players who enjoy thinking while having fun!

Simulation and strategy: Another genre that was first used on PC and which is spreading to other media. These are games that allow you to develop a character, city, or civilization to achieve prosperity. The stakes can be, warriors, lovers, or even economic! The Sims, or more recently Minecraft, are perfect representatives of this type of game.

Sport: An increasingly popular genre, it also offers a very varied range. While some consoles offer you to exercise, the most popular games are undoubtedly football, basketball, and driving simulations!

Creativity and Simulation (music, cooking): It is a “melting pot” category in which you will find music, dance, or karaoke games. However, you can come across all kinds of games encouraging creativity such as cooking!

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A video game genre is a classification assigned to a video game based primarily on its gameplay (type of interaction) rather than visual or narrative features.