Have you felt that warm and fuzzy feeling when you wear something really comfortable and snuggly? You would feel that you could keep your blanket wrapped around you while going on a jog or to workout sessions early in the morning. Everyone has been there and guess what the fashion designers have listened to your plea and designed sweatshirts. It is a solution to be happy-faced after a heavy workout and not getting drenched and damp due to sweat. But many have a lot of confusion pertaining to a sweatshirt. Many are typing on Google the phrase what is a sweatshirt? Let’s first answer that question and then jump into the types of a sweatshirt.

What is a sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts are the biggest boon of the fashion world for those who are looking for comfort during a fitness routine. But sweatshirts have taken a leap from fitness routines and have jumped into daily fashion. The sweatshirts might look simple but it is not how it feels. The insides of the sweatshirts are made fleece which is soft and warm. Sweatshirts are mostly oversized or loose but they are not fitted which makes them feel more snuggly. The sweatshirts come under the category of a sweater but it is not a sweater because sweaters can’t be worn in summer while sweatshirts can be worn in summers. Sweatshirts can also be referred to as hoodies.

Round neck sweatshirts:

These round neck sweatshirts are ideal for a simple and casual look you can wear this to a movie and while hanging out with friends. There are various colors and designs of sweatshirts. A pastel-colored sweatshirt is ideal to make you look sophisticated yet trendy. And said above these sweatshirts are comfortable and round necks make it more comfortable to wear. A round neck silent hill sweatshirt will make you look fierce and bold.

Pullover sweatshirt:

The pullover sweatshirts as the name suggests are meant to be pulled over your upper body. This sweat usually will be nice if it is dark in color like black. The sweatshirt comes in finer fabrics like cotton. It is best for morning walks and jogs. It won’t make you look overdressed at the same time you won’t look dull. It is usually worn during hotter climates. On a hot summer morning, you ought to get damp, drenched, and dull but with this sweatshirt, there is no place for that.

Zipper sweatshirt:

This is a basic sweatshirt that has to be a part of your wardrobe. This is a must-have hoodie sweatshirt to get you ready for the chilling winter. If you are going to college then this is a go-to sweatshirt to complete any basic look. A zipper sweatshirt with shorts and a pair of sneakers is an instant look of coolness. It is not just basic but it is also comfortable.

Polo neck sweatshirt:

A polo neck is a cool fashion statement that became a fashion wave a few decades back. It is best to wear during the winter to keep you warm. Though polo neck sweatshirts are on the more comfortable side than looks it is good to wear. You might not have thought this but pairing a woolen sweatshirt with a patterned overcoat or blazer will make you look like you are instantly ready for a photoshoot.

Hoodie sweatshirt:

A hoodie sweatshirt might be your best friend when it comes to protecting you from cold. Also, it protects your earphones, just for fun. Hoodies are cool to wear and the end look is trendy and warm.

Bottom line:

Apart from these types, there are combination sweatshirts. Sweatshirts on the whole have set the trend of subculture. Grab your favorite piece and be a trendsetter.

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