Promise is a vow to keep up one's word. It is a commitment towards another person(s). So far it is only verbal. To put this into an action, to symbolize it, to remind you of it every moment, the process of exchanging Promise Rings came into practice. This exchange can happen between any two persons no matter what their relation is. It can be between a child and his parent(s), two friends, two lovers or even a single person who vows to his God to be devote to HIM and follow the religious path.

Promise Rings are worn by men and women alike and today they are gradually picking up momentum which was significantly less till a few years back. But, Promise Rings have their existence since ancient times but was restricted to a few cases like pre-engagement, engagement and religious promises. With gradually increasing popularity the term found a broader meaning and a wider area to be used upon.

The different types of Promise Rings are

Exchanged between two lovers is a commitment that they would be there for each other, will get married / live together but not immediately.

Exchange between two friends is an indication that they are true platonic friends and have no physical or romantic attraction towards each other. They promise to be good friends in times of good and bad.

Exchange between parent and child is a form of security passed on by the parent(s), a promise given to them by the child that he will not get involved into any kind of pre-marital sexual activities, bad habits like drinking, smoking, gambling etc. This necessarily doesn't mean a parent has to give it even a self promise to abstain from these can be symbolized by wearing these rings.

Using such a ring by a person involved in religion or religious group indicates that he would follow the customs and religious activities of that particular religion or group and be devoted to it.

These rings can be worn on any finger but to clearly differentiate them from engagement / wedding rings, the ring finger can be avoided.

Promise Rings are worn with a promise for any type of activities or moral responsibilities that are meant for a lifetime and not on temporary basis. These rings can be made up of any metal and design depending upon one's choice. One can even engrave each other's name / initial in it. These necessarily need not be expensive and the simpler they are the more better it would be. By this way, we can avoid it to become a fashion statement and help it retain its original purpose and value.

A word of caution for those who are thinking of giving one such ring to your - whoever it may be. Simply handing over a Promise Ring (which has nothing differentiating from any other ring except for the thoughts and feelings relating to it) can lead to confusions. Before or while exchanging or giving communicate in clear terms about the purpose and the promise that you are making.

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