Not all kidney stones diagnosed are made up of the same salts or minerals. There are different types of kidney stones that are formed based on your diet and metabolism. Kidney stones come from additional minerals that are formed by metabolic processes in the body. Most of these minerals are excreted through the kidneys as waste products. If your body has an imbalance in water and mineral concentrations, or if you have metabolic problems, minerals in the kidneys may accumulate. These accumulated minerals eventually become stronger and form a harder, painful mass, called the mineral stones at

Calcium stones

It is the most popular of the kidney stones types. Calcium stones can be either calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate. Easily found in X-rays, these kidney stones are thought to be due to conditions such as excessive calcium intake, hyperparathyroidism, as a result of weight loss surgical procedures and kidney disorders.

Uric acid stones

It is a type of renal stone that can be found on its own or with other types of stones. It is the result of protein, obesity, and diets most often found in patients suffering from arthritis. It often gives the urine 5-6 ph. For this reason, intake of acidic foods such as soda, or other citrus fruits is not recommended.

Sistine stones

It is involved in the types of kidney stones, in which only 1% of patients diagnose kidney stones. It is most often seen in patients who have an inherited defect in the transport of amino acids to the kidney. Most patients with cystine stone are young and suffer from kidney stones for a lifetime. Surveillance for life-threatening conditions, dietary changes and fluid intake can prevent this from happening.

Straight Stones

Also called infection stones, these kidney stones can quickly form complete stones located within the renal drainage system. It occurs only when the kidney environment is disturbed, resulting in rapid formation of stones. Often this disturbance occurs in patients with urinary tract infections. The problem with struvite stones is that they cannot be cured immediately. This often leads to kidney destruction which can also result in death.

Different interventions are performed for each type of kidney. Once your doctor has confirmed the formation of your kidney stones, they suggest a diet that will help remove and prevent kidney stones in your kidney system. The formation of aerosols and minerals is a major component of industries around the world. Mining and mining are generally the techniques by which rocks and precious stones are extracted.

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Mining is the process of curation of geological material from the body, veins and rocks and valuable minerals from the earth, making packages of economic importance for the mineral horizon as well as the mineral. Both man and machine are involved in mining and mining related jobs.

Ore is an economically valuable material for a miner and is obtained through mining. They encode precious stones such as diamonds, precious metals, base metals, iron, coal, uranium, rock, salt, glow of oil and potash. Natural gas, water and petroleum are non-renewable resources and mining describes the extraction of these resources from the earth.

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