How many types of cannabis exist in the world?
Existing types of marijuana
There are mainly three types of marijuana:
cannabis sativa: vulgarly called hemp, it has medium to low THC levels and limited therapeutic use;
cannabis indica: commonly referred to as cannabis indiana; if not depotentiated it can produce very high THC levels;
cannabis ruderalis: known as American hemp, is not used to produce marijuana.

the first two types are used to produce marijuana, which is present on the light cannabis market in many varieties.
The most famous types of marijuana in the world
OG Kush is the most famous cannabis strain; originally from Northern California, it is widely used there, especially among movie stars and singers, so it is the marijuana of great value, appreciated all over the world, especially among those who prefer more complex flavors. It has a strong, moist aroma with a slight hint of citrus fruits and a persistent aftertaste. The percentage of CBD is over 17% while that of THC is under 0.30%.

According to 420growradar, the cultivation from which the OG Kush flowers come is Italian. The seedlings are cared for indoors, without the aid of fertilizers and pesticides, and once in bloom they are harvested by hand. A curiosity about the origin of its name: according to some people, OG could mean Original Gangster, but it is a not very popular hypothesis; much more probably OG is the acronym of Ocean Grown, as it would be a genetics grown near the Atlantic Ocean, in California. Super Skunk, on the other hand, was launched in 1990 and was immediately very successful; it has an 80% indica genetics, which needs time to grow and give its precious buds: in fact, it takes about 50 days for the flowering, followed by the hand picking of the flowers; it is a cross between Afghani and Skunk, cultivated indoors; Super Skunk is therefore protected from the atmospheric agents which could damage it; at the same time it is free of fertilizing additives and pesticides. Why is it called Super Skunk? Because in the beginning it was simply Skunk, known for its resistance and reliability; when it was crossed with Afghani genetics, one of the most valuable qualities on the market was obtained: Super Skunk.

It is an exceptional hybridization that has even won her a number of international awards. It is characterized by an acidulous scent, the smell is spicy, bitterish with hints of musk but the taste is sweet and spicy; if you are an expert you will notice bitter and acid nuances at the same time.

Fruity cannabis
Among the cannabis varieties with citrus notes is Orange Bud, which is derived from high-quality cannabis genetics. Completely natural, its cultivation without pesticides and fertilizers takes place in Green House: it is cultivation both indoor and outdoor, so the plants grow protected in the greenhouse but for part of their growth they receive the benefits of the sun; exposed to light they allow a perfect flowering; this is the best possible method for light cannabis. Orange Bud was selected in the 80s; you will appreciate its unmistakable aroma, due to the distinct scent of ripe oranges and citrus fruits.

Seedless, Orange Bud is sold by CBD Express with 0.17% THC and 16% CBD. All the seedlings come from our own cultivation and are harvested by hand. Lemon Skunk is known not only for its quality but also for the taste and smell that have fascinated connoisseurs over the years: lemons and citrus fruits define its character. The plant is grown in Green House as it adapts perfectly to all conditions, both indoor and outdoor, and this characteristic increases its value.

Thanks to the sativa genetics, the plant is stimulated in its growth, reaching even two metres in height. The moist, sour and spicy taste is the plant's special characteristic note, the result of the combination of Citral and Skunk, with 50% sativa and 50% indica genetics. It is perfect for relaxation thanks to 0.27% THC and 18% CBD. It is a completely Italian plant, natural and hand-picked.

Strawberry has 80% sativa and 20% indica genetics; it is grown completely in greenhouses, without pesticides and fertilizers; it is obviously not GMO plants and the flowers respect the parameters of legal cannabis, with 20% CBD and 0.49% THC; Strawberry is one of the most requested light cannabis varieties. It is characterized by its fresh taste; you can immediately perceive notes of strawberries and berries; it is definitely the variety with more fruity notes than the others offered in the CBD Express bouquet.

The cultivation is Italian, completely organic and with particular attention to humidity, which guarantees a pleasant and relaxing experience. Express delivery takes place within one hour in Milan, Monza and Turin. The buds of Diesel cannabis are famous for their citrus aroma; Diesel is a mixture of old sativa and Afghan indica, hybridization that allows a rich harvest that lends itself to indoor and outdoor growing. In the case of Diesel, the growth of these precious flowers takes place in a strictly Italian greenhouse, without fertilizers; at the end of the growing and ripening process the harvest is done by hand; the result is that of an organic cultivation, without GMOs. It is a hybrid that boasts a sweet, fruity aroma, reminiscent of the fragrance of citrus fruits. The THC level is very low, at 0.3% and the CBD level is 22%, so it is a highly relaxing legal light cannabis, perfect to get rid of stress, maybe at the end of a tiring day.

Bubble" cannabis that has conquered the world
The name does justice to the characteristics of this marijuana variety: Bubble Gum. It's one of the sweetest experiences you can have while savouring the flower of this plant with 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics. The origins of the plant are mysterious, but the sweet notes have been able to be appreciated everywhere since the beginning of its spread in the 70s. The birth should have taken place in the state of Indiana, in the USA; later on it could have been crossed with an indica whose name is not known. It was not until the 1990s that it arrived in the Netherlands to be stabilised. Bubble Gum has been collecting premiums over the last 30 years. The taste is sweet but distinctive and composite at the same time.

Bubble Hash is a cannabis strain that is extracted with ice and water. Thanks to this method, if done impeccably, the quality of Bubble Hash becomes so high that it is impossible to match it. It is so called because once heated it creates bubbles, and this indicates that the quality is optimal. The CBD of the Bubble Hash is 10% and the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is 0.05%.

Types of marijuana that are good for your health
As the scientific magazine Focus writes in one of its articles, the man has been smoking cannabis for about 2500 years: inside an ancient funeral censer, in fact, traces of cannabis have been found. If in ancient times marijuana was smoked during religious rites, today light cannabis is used to cure, to relieve pain in many diseases.

Therapy is probably the most used in this field, it has strong therapeutic properties thanks to very low levels of THC, 0.47%, and a level of CBD at 13%, able to completely relax those who smoke it. The Therapy genetics are in perfect balance: 50% indica and 50% sativa; it is grown indoors but it is a variety that is also suitable for outdoor growing. You don't have to think that Therapy is exclusively for therapeutic use; it is very rich cannabis, with a fruity, slightly sweet taste, with a very particular shade of truffle. Can cannabis also be restorative? Cannatonic has revitalizing properties; like other cannabinoids, it is able to bring benefits that are comparable only to those induced by drugs, without any contraindications, also because Cannatonic has a cannabidiol level of 16% and THC level of 0.39%.

It smells like a sativa but its way of growing makes it comparable to an indica; in fact it is a 50% sativa and 50% indica variety; it is a cross between G13 Haze and MK Ultra. The inflorescences are 100% female, grown without the use of pesticides. It blooms in about 8 weeks under cover; at the end of this period it is harvested by hand. The Cannatonic genetics is recognizable by its intense and sweet scent.

The right cannabis to start
And finally, let's finish with the kind of marijuana we recommend you start smoking if you haven't started yet. Pineapple is a popular cross of popular strains among legal cannabis connoisseurs, including OG Kush. It is used to relieve stress, to give relief to those suffering from migraine and premenstrual syndrome, perhaps because of the notes of mango and fresh apple, which cross with those of pineapple. It seems that this variety has really peculiar properties that make it ideal for those who suffer from attention disorders, lack of appetite and lack of appetite. It has a tropical taste that even people who do not habitually consume marijuana like; these characteristics make Pineapple the most used light cannabis among new users. This makes Pineapple the most widely used light cannabis among new users. It is, therefore, a very popular cannabis, with a moderate THC content of 0.42%, one of the highest among CBD Express products; CBD at 26% explains the great relaxing properties of this very special marijuana strain.

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