There are a lot of different types of laptop that you can have nowadays depended upon your work. Many types of laptops increase productivity accordingly.

types of laptops

Laptops now come with many different features and are divided into different segments of laptops. There are laptops for content creation and editing, there are specific laptops for gaming and the main focus is on the performance of the system, not the portability. There are laptops for business work where the main focus is on portability and battery backup so that you can work remotely.

Usually, gaming laptops are very heavy and don’t have a good battery backup as there are meant to be performed at their best which takes a lot of power. And the business laptops are always sleek, lightweight, and portable that can be taken to your workplaces easily.

Types of OS

Before you choose what type of laptop you should buy you need to choose the Operating System that you are comfortable working with. There are many OS in the markets like Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS.


If you choose windows OS then you will have a lot of options as many companies use windows OS. Windows laptops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A common clamshell design and a keyboard-mouse interface are easy to find. You can easily find touchscreen models of windows even at a lower price range. In hardware line-up also there is plenty of choices. Windows OS is more open-ended than any other OS many games and other software runs on windows, which helps for a larger software library.


This OS is only used in the Apple Ecosystem, as apple is very protective and prefers to use their software and hardware which makes MacOs Laptops very safe and can diagnose any problem that arises in the laptop. The Quality standard in apple is top-notch. They built and design the laptop to look elegant and feel premium, which leads to a much higher price tag than the windows or any other OS laptops.

Upgrading storage or installing third-party applications in macOS cannot be done the hardware given pre-built is what you will use and only the certified applications are installed in macOS that makes it very secure and protected. And there is still no touch screen model in MacOS.


ChromeOS laptops are known as Chrome books and are a little different from windows and macOS. It is based on the chrome browser and is more focused on the web-based application. Though it also supports so desktop software and mobile apps that other OS do. Most of the chrome books are touch screen and which perform very well and looks premium. And are also available at a medium price segment.

Budget or entry-level laptops

To be a good-performing laptop would be expensive but the manufacturer companies know that everyone could not afford a laptop that is priced more than 1lac. As the buyers who need laptops for most basic purposes will not spend 1lac for a laptop. So, there are great budget laptops that can perform the basic tasks and are price below 50k.

Budget laptops are for those who don’t have much knowledge about laptops and they just need it to do some standard task. These laptops are built with minimalistic design and ergonomics sensible keyboards and touchpads.

These laptops do not have heavy hardware on them like you will not have more GB of RAMs or high-performance graphics, and gaming also be cannot be done properly with these laptops.

Mainstream or the mid range laptops

These segment laptops are the best as they have a high processor and high-end graphics with a little spike in the price tag. Here you will get much better hardware than the budget laptop although the price will be increased it is worth it.

In these segments, you will get business as well as gaming laptops. You can get light and portable laptops which will be best for business purposes and you will also get a laptop with high-performance systems which will be best for gaming purposes. These laptops come with great displays, a powerful processor, and great battery life. These laptops are priced between 80k-1.5lac.

Premium or high segment laptops

This segment contains the best and the top-notch laptops of the company manufacturers. Everything in these laptops is the best or top-notch. Like it has the best display with high resolution, with heavy graphics like loads of memory like High gigs of RAM and Graphics card, the best processor in the market. These laptops can do many intense tasks like run high-end editing applications or Run the latest AAA title games that need a powerful system to run them which these laptops are.

Gamers and those who like premium things always prefer this segment as they need high-end systems as they run high-end software and they want zero lag or frame rate drops while they are gaming or working whatever they do on their laptop should be butter smooth and lag-free.

Get laptops even at a cheaper rate

So, wonder how you get these laptops at a cheaper price than the market price, well the answer is from the classified sites here you will find great deals on second hand laptops and the prices are very low and all these are almost like a new one. All the second hand or used laptops are not good but it is that you need to check them properly before buying them but yes there are many good deals out there in the classified sites it is just that you need to find them.

Things you need to check before buying second-hand laptops

Before you purchase a second-hand laptop you would like to see the laptop thoroughly because the laptop could also be a defective one and you'll be in trouble afterward. The laptop should be checked very smartly because it may have some internal damage which will be difficult to work out. Whenever you purchase a laptop you would like to see every single detail of the laptop from the hardware to software everything. Here’s how you ought to check a second hand laptop before buying it.

  • Check the laptop body: Always check the laptop in-person to thoroughly check the body of the laptop. confirm there are no cracks on the laptop and no sign of an impression on the laptop. Check if the hinge is functioning properly or not and for any loose parts that occur thanks to missing screws or the other defects.
  • Check the screen: Properly check the screen for any black spots, discoloured areas, and bad pixels. Play some videos on the laptop and check carefully every angle of the screen and for better understanding, you'll keep another laptop beside to match between them.
  • Check the keyboard and Trackpad: These are the foremost used parts of and laptop and therefore the intensity of using them is extremely high. So check for any broken key parts. Type for a few time and check the key travel of the keyboard. Check whether there's any lag while using the trackpad and inspect all the gestures like 2 fingers and three fingers.
  • Test all the ports: Test all the ports like USB ports, headphone jack, Ethernet port, HDMI, and other available inputs. And replacing these ports would be very costly as they're directly attached to the motherboards. So consider before buying a laptop with ports not working.
  • Check the connectivity: Check the wifi and the Bluetooth and the wifi connectivity as a laptop without internet is nothing. Everybody wants internet on their laptop and without it, it is just not done. And Bluetooth is also very important for some devices to connect.
  • Check the speaker: Many of us buy a laptop for entertainment purpose like for watching moves or playing games therefore the sound is extremely important when it involves gaming so you ought to check the speaker of the laptop is it loud enough with none distortion.
  • Check the webcam and mic: The webcam of the laptop is additionally very necessary as nowadays meetings are one via video calling that you would like a laptop with an honest webcam in order that you're visible to others. Check the mic whether it's capturing your voice properly or not.
  • Check the battery health: This is often vital for a laptop as a laptop is for carry them anywhere in order that you'll work remotely anywhere and anytime so for that you simply need an honest battery life as you can't connect your power line everywhere. to see you ought to use it with the battery at full until it drains completely in order that you'll check for a way many hours it can run on the battery.
  • Check the OS: Check, whether the OS installed, is genuine or not as some install pirated OS which isn't good for the laptop. Check the license of the software given to you.

What is a classified website?

A classified website is one among the platforms for online advertising to market products or services connecting both buyers and sellers in one single entity. A classified portal is customized and distinguished to permit the users to look for relevant categories and sub-categories.

You can also say that classified sites are the buying and selling of used or second user products and during this platform you be the customer also and the seller also. it's sort of a hub for buyers and sellers where you'll find almost everything you would like and also sell anything that you simply don’t want anymore. it's not just like the e-commerce sites it is a little different in-fact you'll get more at a classified site as you'll also find jobs from the classified sites, and different services also.

What happens on a classified site?

On a classified site, people post ads of their mobile phones to sell them as they're up for purchasing a replacement phone. The ads were shown to the buyers who looked for second-hand phones. So on a classified site the buying and selling of second-hand products continue , not only second handphones every second-hand product is listed on classified site like vehicles, furniture, laptops, etc. you'll even find jobs and services at classified sites.

second hand laptops

How to buy used laptops from classified sites?

Buy used laptops online from classified sites as they are very secure nowadays and are the best way to buy used laptops. Buying from a classified site is not that ordered a laptop at it reached your place it a little different let us see how to buy from classified sites.

  • First thing sign-up on a classified site, the best one.
  • Select the category gadgets and then select the sub-category laptops.
  • Then a lot of ads from different sellers will be shown to you.
  • Then choose the ad which looks best to you and is all that you need.
  • Read the description of the ad check for the specification and contact the seller with the details given.
  • Meet with the seller check the laptop carefully and then finalize the deal.

What are the benefits to buy used laptops?

Despite being a used laptop there are many benefits of buying them buying and if you are buying a new laptop you are wasting money by spending a lot of extra money on unnecessary add-ons. But one thing you must keep in mind is you need to buy second hand laptops online smartly i.e., checking them thoroughly. The benefits of buying a used laptop are: -

  • Get the same specification laptop at a very low price compared to the market rate.
  • It saves a lot of money for you which you can save.
  • Can get you a good laptop even if your budget is low.
  • Some deals are too good to be true but are genuine deals as the seller has no idea how much the laptop is worth it.
  • In some deals, you will also have a warranty period for some months as they are almost new.

Choosing the right site

So, classified sites are the hub for Second-hand laptops, used laptops, and refurbished laptops, whether you want to buy or sell simply visit classified sites. There is a lot of classified site in the market and you have to choose the best site among the thousands of sites, as there are frauds in the market who can cheat on you by showing you fake deals and taking money from you in-fact there are many ways to cheat so you need to be aware of that and choose the best-classified site.

What do I mean when I say best-classified sites, the good classified sites are those sites that do not entertain fake profiles and crosscheck their users. Remove spams from their sites for better user experiences and warns you about the frauds and the scams, so that you will stay alert.

Buy or sell your laptop on the best-classified site to get the best deals on the laptop, it is very important to choose the right site on which you will buy or sell your laptop.

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Buy or sell according to your city. If you are in Mumbai then get the best-used laptops in Mumbai. Or in Delhi then buy second-hand laptops in Delhi. Or in any city of India just set the region according to your city and get the latest gadgets at affordable prices.

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