In addition to the bet on the outcome of the match, which is also the simplest one, there are many other types of bets that we see below.

Double Chance

Double Chance betting is another very popular way to bet on two different outcomes in a single game. This gives you the opportunity to bet on a draw and a win at the same time. It is the perfect bet for players who prefer to play with little risk. The payout is obviously lower than other types of bets, but the odds of winning are considerably higher. Foxz168 is the best site everfor football betting.

Let's take a practical example. Let's say Juventus play against Milan and choose to place a Double Chance bet on Juve (1X). In this case, you win if Juve triumphs and if the game ends in a draw. You can also bet on the winning of both teams (12), but, if the match ends in a draw, the ticket will be lost. 


Handicap betting is perhaps the hardest to understand, but once you understand the logic it will all be a lot of fun. This type of betting consists in predicting the outcome of the match by giving a hypothetical advantage or a disadvantage to the selected team before the start of the match.

Let's take an example here too. Let's take a random match: Milan - Chievo. Knowing that the first team has more chances of winning, before the match starts you can penalize Milan with a handicap of -1 goal. In this case, to win the bet it will be necessary for Milan to win with an advantage of at least 2 goals.

Exact result

Predictions on correct results are among the funniest and most popular bets. Generally, the sports schedule rates the results of a match from 0-0 up to 4-4. In most cases the odds for this type of bets are higher and by making a winning prediction you could guarantee yourself a larger sum.

Betting on football tournaments

Betting on who will win a football tournament is a very popular choice among players. These bets are generally considered to be long-term.

But there are not only bets on the winners of a tournament, like the victory of Manchester City in the Premier League or Argentina in the Copa America for example.

With football betting you can bet on hundreds of outcomes, such as the final placement of a team in the league, elimination from a tournament or the best result between two opponents.

For example, you can bet that England will reach the semi-finals of the next World Cup or that China will be eliminated in the group stage of the AFC Asian Cup.

Bet on a single footballer

It is also possible to bet that a footballer will receive one of the many awards. With Foxz168 you can bet on who will be the top scorer in the most important leagues in the world and bet on who will win the Golden Boot in a championship or tournament.

Additionally, you can place a bet on who will get the most assists in a competition or who will be the best player in a tournament. These are typically pre-tournament bets, but in some cases the odds may change over the course of competitions.

During matches, bets are available on who will be booked first, sent off or hit the crossbar. Depending on the importance of the match, we will offer multiple types of bets, so you can bet on almost anything you can think of!

Live football streaming and in-play betting

Foxz168 offers some of the best quotes on the Italian market. In addition, with Foxz168 you will have access to live streaming matches . You will be able to watch and bet on La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A

 Betting on live football can be exciting, as you can change your mind over the course of matches and place new bets. Watching the games you bet on is very useful for analyzing them and making more realistic predictions.

What is a football betting withdrawal?

The term "Withdraw" is widely used in football betting and is used when you decide to cash out your bet, whether it was made before the match or during the game. Depending on the current live odds and the cost of your bet, you could make a profit when you withdraw. Sometimes, players decide to withdraw even without a profit, to limit their losses.



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