Needless to say, while selecting an architectural drafting service, it’s is essential to know the different kinds of drawings and the meaning of each one of them. These drawings are predominantly used for to showcase building designs and concepts. These drawings are important to visualize what your building would look like once it is finished.

Some of the popular kinds of architectural drawings are:-

Plan drawings

This is probably one of the most popular kinds of drawings which depict the map and aerial view of the building cutting through walls. Obviously, you won’t actually be able to see the walls and rooms of your building designs, but these kinds of drawings can show things such as windows, fixtures and stairs. This is greatly beneficial to you, especially while deciding on the decor and which appliances to fit in specific places.

Section drawings

This kind is quite similar to plan drawings but instead of showing an aerial view of the building, it will show you from side to side. It depicts a scenario as of you have cut down the building vertically. This kind is predominantly used for showing the height of each floor and any unique features of a building design.

Exterior drawings

Alternatively, these are also called elevation drawings, and they are used to show the exterior of the building. These kinds show textures, materials in a detailed manner in sync with the building design. On your request, you can also ask the draftsman to provide you with perspective drawings which depict a very realistic look of the building instead of just lines and sketches.

Detail drawings

If you are looking for an extensive detail of your building design, detail drawings are the best option for you. In these drawings, both the construction technique and materials used are also highlighted.

What are the uses of such drawings?

The uses of such drawings are innumerable. Needless to say, presentation without any visual art is always dull. Be it printing material or websites, everything would fall flat without visual imagery. But probably the most evident reason why most people use these drawings is to gauge the look of the building. If you are going to invest thousands or millions in building a house, naturally you will want to get an idea of how your investment would look like upon completion. Undoubtedly, drafting services have proven to be a very useful aid over the years.

Change in how these drawings were made

There was a time when these drawings were drawn by hand using compasses, L-squares and set squares. They were a product of not only science but also the science which was prized for their accuracy. But modern architectural drafting services in Sydney have digitized and this has made it possible to streamline the whole thing making it much more convenient.

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